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You're so Venn...

Pancake VennDo you have what it takes to make a Venn go viral? 

Send a Venn diagram to  and every month the sender of the most popular one across our social media channels at the end of each month will win an Amazon Echo!

As if our company name wasn't enough to give you a hint, we're rather fond of Venn diagrams (or Eulerian Circles, to give them their ‘official’ name).

Wolverine VennInvented by logician and philosopher John Venn in 1880, the Venn diagram is one of the many great things to come out of the English county of Yorkshire, alongside stainless steel, steam locomotives, the world’s first football team and, believe it or not, Dracula (thanks to a holiday in Whitby).

As a diagram to illustrate all possible logical relations between a number of sets, we often use a Venn for customer segmentation, as an accessible, visual way to reveal groups of consumers who share behavioural, geographical, demographical and transactional common ground. As far as identifying which of your customers are most likely to appreciate a particular marketing communication, a Venn is far superior to piffling pie charts and boring old bar graphs.

In fact, such is the versatility and simplicity of this form of data visualization, Venns can be used in many fields, including logic, statistics, computer science and probability. They can poke fun at musical lyrics, show how the United Kingdom is formed and even show what Santa Claus shares with the Spanish Inquisition.

Star Wars VennSo, to honor the venerable Venn, we’re celebrating ‘Vennsday’ – a weekly, light-hearted look at one such diagram that has made us smile, think or get Carly Simon songs stuck in our head.

We’ll be posting our own to the BlueVenn social channels, but welcome you to submit your own ideas and discoveries. You could even win an Amazon Echo Dot cloud-based voice service!

If you cannot think of your own witty submission, don't worry – but be sure to check out the BlueVenn Twitter and LinkedIn pages every (you guessed it) Wednesday to show appreciation for your favourite #Vennsday Venn.



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