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What’s in the new BlueVenn update?


We are pleased to announce a number of new additions to the BlueVenn platform, available from Wednesday November 30, 2016.

In the BlueVenn 2016.3 update, our R&D team has been busy implementing many new functionalities. However, we are especially excited to reveal the new user collaboration feature. This allows for the sending and receiving real-time messages and updates on campaigns and field creations that multiple users are working on, enabling teams to work more seamlessly together.

Elsewhere, the update includes a global mapping tool, giving you the ability to visualize your customer anywhere in the world, make selections and view heat maps for analysis. Currently, this is only for the US and UK, but the geocoding feature will soon be rolled out to other countries.

With the impending changes to data protection laws (which will be applicable to any organization handling the data of EU citizens), you’ll also be pleased to learn that the new release also contains the first of several planned General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) features. In this instance, GDPR field flags that will mask the data that cannot be used for marketing.

Add to this new pivot charts and graphs for dynamically working with data, improved campaign selection builders, custom field creation and the new campaign ROI calculator, demonstrating our continuing commitment to evolving our product. Not to mention delivering a solution that will propel the platform to new levels in terms of team collaboration and accurately tracking your marketing efforts.

Here is a breakdown of key features coming to BlueVenn. Don’t forget you can find out more by watching our live Webinar demonstration on December 7th, or by booking your own demo:

New Team Collaboration Tools

Collaboration Tools

In BlueVenn 2016.3, your marketing team will be able to share notes, collaborate and comment on any object within the tool. This aims to improve the visibility of all your users and ensure an auditable timeline of changes, as well as reduce the need for third party tools to collaborate outside BlueVenn.

Real-time Alerts and Notifications

Notification bar

As campaigns run, get updated or altered, fields are calculated or important changes are made to BlueVenn, there is now a live notifications drop down accessible from the top menu. This provides users with a live stream of activity to ensure that nothing gets missed and keeps everyone in sync with critical information.

New Mapping for Analysis and Campaign Selections


The new mapping tool enables marketers to visualize their customer data on a map of their country. The heat map view allows for visualization of concentrations of customers, while the ‘Pin View’ plots your customers individually for geographic selections or clusters for analysis.

New ROI Calculator for Campaigns

ROI Calculator

The new ROI calculator enables marketers to enter costs for campaigns and track the ROI of campaigns. With reporting and measurement this cost data can be applied to the results of campaigns to judge ‘campaign attributable ROI’.

GDPR Masking

GDPR masking

Ahead of the impending GDPR, the use of data for marketing is going to become an issue for all organizations marketing to EU citizens. As part of this, BlueVenn will be releasing a stream of tools to assist marketers in becoming compliant. The new data masking capability is the first over the next 12 months.

New dotmailer SMS Channel


The dotmailer connector has been updated to enable SMS execution and reporting.

Virtual Field Creation

calculated fields.png

Through BlueVenn you can now create custom fields and virtual fields to create data that can be used for analysis, expressions and personalization.

New Pivot Graphs and Charts

Pivot Charts

Insight and analysis can now be visualized and used in dynamic charts and graphs for segmentation, campaign selections and intelligence reporting. As well as the ability to apply notes and save analysis to the platform, this functionality is the backbone of BlueVenn’s approach to ‘train-of-thought’ analytics.

New Login splash screen

Splash Screen

The new login splash screen keeps you updated with important information about support resources, training dates and features. This will help keep all users up-to-date and informed about self-help resources.


BlueVenn Demo
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