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What's in the BlueVenn 2017.3 update?

BlueVenn laptopWhile the latest 2017.3 update for BlueVenn features a host of improvements, integrations and improved analysis tools, this release also includes significant enhanced campaign management features. This gives BlueVenn users a new ability to build and automate complex, multi-channel customer journeys, by allowing audiences to seamlessly flow from campaign to campaign. A new integration will also optimize how you create and execute Facebook advertising campaigns. 

Release Date for BlueVenn 2017.3: September 30, 2017. 

Here's a breakdown of new and improved functionality:

Customer Journeys and Campaigns

NEW Campaign Flow

Customers can make many decisions and take countless different paths on their journey to a purchase. The ability to control and capture those decisions has always been a strong feature within BlueVenn. But now in 2017.3, the new Campaign Flow tools give users the ability to flow customers from one campaign to another, based on their actions and the rules you set.

Campaign linking

The process is very simple - but effective for building out a series of campaigns across a customer journey. Using the new ‘Link to’ and ‘Link from’ steps in campaigns ensures that all customers can be treated in an automated process. These steps effectively ‘cross pollinate’ audiences into new campaigns, once they have reached an appropriate communication step. Or, link them directly into a new one once the customer has completed a certain action or exhibited certain behavior.

Campaign linking

Social Integrations

NEW Target your customer base with Facebook ads

A new Facebook Integration allows you to run Facebook advertising directly from a BlueVenn campaign. This acts as another channel to execute your message through, for optimizing campaign performance.

Facebook Integration

Using an email address as the identifier, this integration provides a match between a Facebook Audience and those in your customer database for advertising. This channel can be then used as a communication step in BlueVenn campaigns.

Data Visualization

NEW Map Reports

BlueVenn 2017.3 introduces Map Reports which improves on BlueVenn’s existing ability to segment and analyze customer data using map views and geographical heat maps. The new functionality allows the ability to visually display up to five different sets of data in a map view with many customizable display and selection options.

Heat maps

Map reports

A New Look for Analysis Charts

The enhanced look and feel of BlueVenn's pivot display tools provide a cleaner user interface for users. This enhanced view ensures a better experience in the platform for users to easily drop data bandings into different pivot axes, and adjust values and filters with an improved visual presentation.

2017.3 Pivots

Analytics & Modeling

Customizable RFV Modeling 

The new 2017.3 update brings customizable RFV configurations. It enables you to specify recency fields, value fields and time interval frequency based on your own business configurations, which filter through to the in-built reports. Users can easily identify customers for growth, loyalty, reactivations strategies and so on, sending those customers directly to a campaign audience.

RFV tool


Latest addition to our email connectors 

MailChimpFinally, for 2017.3 we welcome another addition to our continually growing email connector portfolio.

The MailChimp integration will be welcomed by the many millions of users who take advantage of this affordable and functional email service and marketing automation platform. 

I've also recorded a webinar highlighting the new features and a few others here:


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