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What’s in the BlueVenn 2017.2 update?

BlueVenn 2017.2We’re pleased to announce that the latest update to the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform and marketing automation tools will be live from June 30, 2017, and contains a number of interesting new features.

There are some very exciting developments so I thought I'd take the time to write down some of these new features and enhancements:

Analytics and Modeling

Geocoding Enhancements

A much sought-after addition is support for US geocoding for the visual mapping of your data. This new feature will enable BlueVenn clients serving the US to plot their customers, prospects and any ZIP codes onto an interactive, detailed map. They then have the ability to make selections for analysis or campaigns using the location. The features includes heat map or cluster map views, along with ability to zoom in an out of these maps

US Geocoding

This is often commonly used for territory planning, event planning and campaigning or for geographic analysis. As well as for your customer data, this can be used very effectively for analysis of third party data to analyze market share, propensity and saturation across regions, cities and countries.

Enhanced Visual Numeric Banding Interface

Numeric Bandings

Numeric banding creation is a useful visual interface for deriving numeric bands of data for analysis, segmentation and summary of trends (such as by income or spending). These bands can be grouped by values or counts and these ranges will dynamically change at the creation stage.

Predictive Modeling and Analytics

The predictive modeling tool introduced in the 2017.1 update has been improved to include a maintenance tab, allowing for the scheduling and training of models once they have been designed.

Predictive Modeling

There is also the ability to alter the modeling methods used, such as split strategies to select datasets.

Customer Journeys

Lead Scoring in Customer Journeys

For campaigns and journeys, the new lead scoring feature lets you devise and apply point values to customers (or subtract them) based on their historical behaviors, responses, transactions and interactions with your brand. Based on these scores, users can automate additional campaigns, workflows and messages, across any channel, using the scores within the analysis tools in BlueVenn.

Nurturing Scoring

This can be particularly useful for B2B marketers that utilize lead nurturing and assess leads along a sales funnel. It will also prove valuable for B2C marketers who can use scores to analyze the performance and effectiveness of campaigns throughout each step of a customer journey.

Real-time Data and Processing Engine

BlueVenn 2017.2 exposes some of the underlying real-time engine within the software, allowing users to manage and configure external data feeds into BlueVenn. This then enables the platform to act-on this data, in real-time, within existing customer journeys using a new dynamic split option. This new feature opens unlimited possibilities for using external data feeds to interrupt or intervene in a customer journey for better targeting of a message, or to ensure more timely responses.

External Data Access

For example, this could be used to collect data from a loyalty management external system, update the customer record with loyalty points and then trigger a personalized, transactional email confirming their points.

Dynamic split

Dynamic Split

This new decisions step can be incorporated into the BlueVenn journey canvas. It allows users to access a 'tag', an existing model, external data from the real-time engine, or new lead score, so that users can progress leads and prospects through their journey based on their score or the external data values.

New Integrations and Connectors

Three new or updated BlueVenn connectors

GiveX - A loyalty management platform already utilized by several BlueVenn clients to manage the allocation of loyalty points to customers. Running a campaign with GiveX integration means the ability to add credits or points to a loyalty card, depending on a customer’s interaction with one your campaigns (rewarding points for reviewing products, for example).


Instiller - This email marketing platform is popular with many agencies and brands to use as a white-labelled email platform. This new connector allows for the two way flow of customer selections into Instiller, and any of its white-labelled installations, and for the email response data to flow back into BlueVenn.

Adestra - The Adestra connector was initially introduced as part of BlueVenn 2017.1 but in this latest release it allows for the use of Adestra's unique 'Workspace' functionality which is used by multi-brand organizations to run email campaigns across each brand and maintain administrative and reporting control over all in one space.



Admin User Controlled Maintenance Windows

Finally, as requested by some Admin Users, there are now several new maintenance configurations to ensure that solution is kept up to date, or restricting access when maintenance tasks are running. It can also decide the user account under which a scheduled activity will run – this is useful if your BlueVenn database contains record level security.

Thanks for reading! I hope you find this write-up useful.

I've also recorded a webinar showcasing the new features here:


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