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What’s in the BlueVenn 2017.1 update?


We’re pleased to announce a host of new additions and improvements to the BlueVenn platform, which will be available to all BlueVenn clients from Friday March 31, 2017.

In the 2017.1 update, our development team has been working hard to maintain our commitment to regular software upgrades, by adding many useful new features, and enhancing the functionality of existing tools.

In this update, we are especially proud to reveal a brand new ability to build predictive audience selection models, using R modeling capabilities. This enables you to identify key characteristics of customers who buy a particular product, in order to reveal others in your database with a high likelihood to do the same. This allows for the effective targeting of messages to consumers predicted to be most responsive to them.

In terms of analysis, 2017.1 also features parametric banding creation, to derive grouped bands or segments for analysis and summary of trends; Inline metrics on categorized data, to more visually preview counts and percentages of data; and further GDPR support to restrict the visibility of certain data fields for added security.

For campaigns, there have been a number of enhancements. First of which includes improved campaign reporting and metrics, with better options for viewing schedules, status overview and reports. Elsewhere, 2017.1 adds a useful trial run status indicator, deferred campaign drop-date support, as well as further campaign code support to add campaign promotion codes to communication nodes on your campaign canvas. Not forgetting new campaign table level control options, where campaigns can be restricted by an administrator, ensuring that other users cannot select the wrong table for exporting campaign data.

This new update includes extended user management, meaning visibility and access to certain features can be restricted for users with lesser rights. 

Finally, building on the collaborative features added to the 2016.3 update, the latest version of BlueVenn also adds user object and folder sharing, meaning items can be made available to other BlueVenn users in your company.

Below is a more detailed breakdown of all the new features coming to BlueVenn 2017.1. Alternatively, you can watch my demonstration of the latest version on the software.  

Selection prediction model

predictive model

Using a target audience, reasonable demographic variables and an optional comparison domain, users can use R modeling capabilities to predict how likely a contact is to react in the same way as a pre-defined target audience.

The model design can be trained and assigned a robustness score, along with a value to predict how likely it is the model will make an accurate selection.

Parametric Banding creation

parametric banding

This is the ability to derive grouped bands or segments for analysis and summary of trends. These Bandings can be used in pivots or stand-alone. For example, grouping Lifetime Spend values into discrete groups for analysis in Pivots.

Inline metrics on categorized data

visual metrics

This visual enhancement provides the ability to preview counts and percentages of data grouped by categorizations when used. For example, when opening the Income Bands banding, BlueVenn provides a breakdown of record counts against each value and a proportion of the whole each value represents.

GDPR support

GDPR support

BlueVenn 2017.1 now allow restriction of the number of data field records available for view by specific users for added security. For example, if a GDPR restriction is applied, affected users will only see the values of and fields displayed for the permitted records.

Improved campaign reporting and metrics

campaign reporting

The campaign canvas view now incorporates additional tabs, providing better options for scheduling, status overview and detailed reporting within each campaign.

Trial run status indication

campaign progress

When a campaign is in Trial Run mode or is still being worked on, a watermarked background provides a clear indication that the campaign has yet to run in production mode. During running of the campaign, it is now possible to monitor the progress thanks with a progress bar and step indicator.

Campaign code support

campaign codes

This lets users add variable codes for campaign promotions, segmentation or identification to be applied to communication steps.

Campaign table level control

table level control

This feature allows campaigns to be set to a restricted number of tables within the database, meaning the risk of users selecting the wrong table level for exporting campaign data is far less likely. It also makes the table list much more manageable should the database contain a large number of tables.

Extended user management

user rights

Restrictions can be applied to users to control what can be seen, shared and used by various user access levels. Bespoke configurations can be created determined by the users role. For example, users can be given read-only access only, or campaigns can be built by users but not executed.

Object and folder sharing

 object sharing

This feature allows for the sharing of object and folders to all other users (with the appropriate level of access rights) on their dashboard when they next log in. This build on the team collaboration features we included in the last update of BlueVenn. 

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