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What's in the BlueVenn 2018.1 update?

Screenshot laptopWe’re pleased to announce that the latest BlueVenn software update, BlueVenn 2018.1, is available from March 30. In this installment, the R&D team has implemented a host of new features, including exciting new customer journey planning and cluster modeling.

Release date for BlueVenn 2018.1: March 30, 2018

Here are some of the highlights from this latest update:

Customer Journeys and Campaigns

NEW Customer Journey Planner

An important feature of BlueVenn’s marketing automation software is its campaign canvas. From this workspace, marketers can create campaign workflows, pushing communications out through many marketing channels.

Customer Journey Planner

As customers engage at various touchpoints on their path to conversion, it is important for marketers to be able to visualize large scale journeys, that can incorporate many smaller campaign stages.

This first iteration of our new Customer Journey Planner tool enables marketers to construct and see an overview of all the stages in a journey. In particular, how campaigns within each stage are (and can be) interlinked, and how customers can be sent from one stage to another based on their actions, behavior or point in their lifecycle.

The customer journey planner also enables users to visualize the flow of leads (as audience totals) from one stage to the next, which recalculates as new campaigns and stages are added or altered.

NEW Campaign Reach and Cost Forecasting

BlueVenn gives marketers the ability to trial run their campaigns. This enables them to use sample data from within their customer database to test the validity of a campaign. They can trial not just the functionality of the campaign workflow structure, but also the potential size of the segmented audience for the campaign.

Trial Run

In 2018.1, along with enhancements to the speed and ease of creating trial runs, we’ve added a new ‘forecasting’ tab. This brings more features to the trial run capabilities, aiding marketers with a ‘test and learn’ approach to build better performing campaigns. It includes:

  • The ability to specify expected response rates: Marketers can draw from historical campaign figures to calculate the performance of new campaigns and accurately forecast the audience reach.
  • The ability to forecast campaign costings: Using a combination of trial run customer data and response rate calculations, this can predict the entire campaign spend.

Analytics and Modeling

NEW Cluster Modeling

This time last year, we incorporated ‘R’ modeling capabilities into BlueVenn. In this latest version we have included the power to build cluster models, using R functionality to run algorithms against customer datasets.

Cluster Modeling

As a type of automated customer segmentation, clustering uses predictive algorithms to group customers who have similar attributes through a wide number of variables. This can include demographics, gender, income, home ownership, marital status, an so on.

The addition of cluster modeling enables marketers to scientifically segment their customers. This facilitates more effective, personalized marketing, by identifying distinct groups within their customer base for retention campaigns, loyalty rewards and product promotions.

Data Visualizations

Improved RFV tools

Building on the improvements from previous updates, 2018.1 now lets users to gain more insight from recency, frequency, value (RFV) reports. Before, marketers were able to view the RFV across the entire base, but not subsets of the data. Now, users can compare different base groups to one another.

For example, while it is useful to visualize sales over a long period of time, marketers can now apply different audiences to this larger report, digging deeper into the statistics with additional reports that filter the data by gender, income, geography, etc.

Custom Date Banding Enhancements

Adding and extending to our previous improvements (read about them here), new custom date banding enhancements add date, month and year profiling options. This groups records between a specific month or year start and end date band.

Date Banding

For example, this could be a health club wanting to identify customers with memberships that are soon to expire (to target with retention campaigns), or identifying sales trend patterns by day or month.

Connectors and Integrations

NEW Twilio SMS Channel

Twilio Channel

The latest addition to our ever-growing list of connectors now includes Twilio SMS integration. This allows marketers to compose a text message as a BlueVenn campaign step, and for the delivery of that communication to be fulfilled as part of a campaign workflow. Connectivity with BlueVenn also enables users to make use of the open rates and response data for future analysis.

Remember, you can also watch our 2018.1 webinar to see the latest update in action.


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