What is marketing automation and why does it matter to you?

Once used by only the most prosperous businesses, marketing automation has the ability to mechanize marketing activities – such as SMS, emails, social media and other functions. The aim of marketing automation is to free up the time of marketers to focus on other, less laborious and time-consuming tasks.

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The Importance of Marketing Automation

After its emergence in the 1980’s, marketing automation was reserved only for the wealthy and powerful businesses with vast customer bases. It was an incredibly expensive, highly bespoke tool that could only be built in-house.

However, due to the rise of third-party suppliers and the development of technology over recent years, marketing automation platforms are more available than ever before, and the benefits they provide and the reasons every marketer should be using them just keep on growing. As of 2018, 49% of companies are now regularly using marketing automation.

Topics: marketing automation