Happy Birthday, John Venn! Five fun facts about our favorite mathematician

BlueLull. BlueLiebniz. BlueEuler. If our name had been inspired by anyone else, BlueVenn just wouldn’t be the same. Sure, John Venn may not have been the first to use schematic diagrams to represent set collections and all their possible logical relations, but unlike those before him, he was the first to popularize them.

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A belief in customer-obsession must start from the top

The biggest brands in the world have a lot of money in their marketing and advertising budgets. And, in the so-called ‘Age of the Customer’, much of this money is spent on demonstrating customer obsession; that delivering the optimal customer experience is at the core of everything they do.

While it is great to have brand ambassadors, such as a YouTube vlogger who will wax lyrical about a brand’s products to tens of millions of subscribers, organizations need to look closer to home to ensure that their customer-focused attitude is authentic. They need to look to the very top.

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BlueVenn announce JOIN 2017 data marketing conference in Las Vegas

BlueVenn is incredibly excited to announce JOIN 2017, a data marketing conference for marketing and insight professionals, held at the Aria Hotel & Resort in Las Vegas, November 2-3, 2017.

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Four ways B2B organizations are using AI and predictive

It’s easy to get excited about the use of artificial intelligence (AI) - such as predictive analytics and machine learning - in B2B marketing. It seems like only a few years ago that virtual assistants using speech recognition, customer service chatbots and machine learning-optimized recommendations seemed like the stuff of science fiction.

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Why marketers must embrace data analytics for more relevant marketing

The deluge of data from an ever-increasing number of channels and sources has opened up a wealth of new possibilities for businesses to reach out to their customers and prospects. To some, though, such volume has also proven overwhelming. Consider this: 47% of marketers of marketers claim to be “very confident” in their ability to analyze complex data, yet 64% believe that analysis should not be part of their role.

This reluctance to engage with data beyond its collection, particularly when so many marketers say they understand it, doesn’t appear to be the best approach. The same report found that over half (58%) of surveyed consumers believe they are inadequately targeted by marketing campaigns, with 83% saying they hate irrelevant ads and email marketing.

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Omnichannel has become an expectation: Are you delivering?

For a long time, omnichannel was just another of many confusing marketing buzzwords. 

In some cases, it was unclear precisely how an omnichannel strategy differed from a multichannel approach. In others, it met resistance because of a reluctance to move away from the product-centered practice of getting a product or service in front of the right people.

Now, the paradigm shift to omnichannel is impossible to ignore. The overwhelming emphasis today is about getting people to product, while making the process of doing so as effortless, consistent and contextual as possible. 

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Look through the customer lens to create a customer-centric experience

Is your business looking at its marketing through the lens of the customer? Because if you aren’t using customer insight to find out what customers want and how they want it, you’re stuck in the past.

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The Age of the Seller is dead. Long live the Age of the Customer

Part of constructing effective marketing communications is being able to adapt, and marketers have to be ready to change their approach when old strategies start to look obsolete. With the introduction of new technologies, cultural shifts, and the evolution of customer expectations, the digital age never pauses.

The most obvious and monumental change is the shift away from the Age of the Seller towards the Age of the Customer.

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How a Single Customer View and Golden Records are different, and why that matters

Is there any difference between Single Customer View and the Golden Customer Record? If you spend some time reading up on the pair, you might not think so. In recent years, the two terms have been used somewhat interchangeably, yet I’d argue that today there is a definite distinction.

The Golden Record is just what it sounds like: a holy grail, a gold standard. It’s what all data-driven marketers should aspire to: a clean, organized, comprehensive record of their customers, purged of inconsistencies and inaccuracies. Easier said than done.

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The paradox of mass personalization

Personalization is everywhere. It’s in our Facebook feeds, on our Netflix queues, and increasingly, in our shopping experiences. Ever since retail giants such as Amazon proved the value of personalization online, smaller retailers have been searching for ways to adopt the practice into their own businesses on a smaller scale. Unfortunately, while most retailers have good intentions when it comes to personalization, few have been able to incorporate the trend in a way that maximizes its full potential.

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