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The BlueVenn 2020.4 update has landed

The BlueVenn 2020.4 update has landed, with new Adtech and VOC integrations, enhanced reporting and improved user management controls.

Our final update of 2020 gives BlueVenn customers the chance to benefit from an exciting range of new features and improvements. Those with our new Google integration tool will be able to use our technology to better target Google Ads, whilst the new Confirmit integration has made managing surveys and survey data easier. Other improvements will enable our customers to report on, display, protect and manage their stored data more efficiently. Here are some of the 2020.4 highlights to be aware of.

Omnichannel Marketing Hub new features

Google Audiences integration

google-audience-google-adsWith every business fighting to stand out from the online crowd, the cost of Google Ads has skyrocketed, even as ad budgets are being slashed and scrutinized. BlueVenn now enables customers to synchronize a dynamic audience with the ad platform, in order to serve adverts to a chosen audience, create more closely matched lookalike audiences, and suppress those who have already bought, whether online or offline. The new Google connector ensures conversion rates are maximized and great results can be achieved with less ad spend. To learn more about our dynamic Google and Facebook connectors, visit our blog.

Confirmit integration

It has never been more important to fully understand the emotions and feedback of your customers. Voice of the Customer (VOC) programs can therefore be a powerful source of intelligence, allowing businesses to deliver optimal customer experiences.


A new integration with the Confirmit VOC and personalized survey platform has extended the capabilities of BlueVenn’s integrated email marketing module, enabling users to execute and automate VOC strategies with the help of our campaign builder, to get closer to their customers and monitor survey activity and behaviors. Doing so will benefit CX programs and help support NPS or defined CS strategies. Importantly, the integration will also allow brands to manage recipients via audience selections in BlueVenn, to ensure that different segments of customers will receive the surveys and VOC experiences most relevant to them.

New user lockout options

New user lockout optionsWith privacy regulations getting tougher by the day and cyber-attacks becoming increasingly prevalent and sophisticated as the Pandemic rolls on, there’s no need to explain the value of this new function. BlueVenn system administrators will now be able to manage how many attempts a user will get to log into the platform before their account is automatically locked down, as well as dictate the amount of time it will remain locked. This change builds upon prior user management enhancements in the 2020.3 release.


Mapping improvements

map-export-2BlueVenn already offers sophisticated mapping tools that allow businesses to plot their customers on a worldwide map and drill down into national, regional, city or even street-level data. This enables our customers to look for geographic representations within their data and examine customer density or regional spending patterns, perhaps to use the intelligence gained to pinpoint new store openings.

During the pandemic, some clients have used them to select digital ordering campaigns in areas where lockdowns and store closures are in place. The latest enhancement means the maps can now be exported for use in presentations and reporting. Very handy when summarizing your findings to the bosses!

Improved campaign reporting


The simplest ideas are sometimes the best! Users can now create categories within BlueVenn for specific campaigns and objects, which can then be used to filter reports. As an example, email campaigns can be split across newsletters, batch promotions and triggered journey messages, or perhaps tagged as cross-sell, up-sell, acquisition or retention focused. Ultimately, this will enable you to look at campaign results for similar groups of campaigns or objects, rather than reporting all emails or campaigns in one view.

Customer Data Platform new features

ETL updates and improvements

BlueVenn's CDP already features no-code, or low-code, ways of extracting and loading data, put in place especially to make our technology usable by non-technical marketers. Now, though, enhanced data extraction, cleansing and loading processes will lead to a smoother user experience and help drive even better performance.

Google BigQuery data ingestion

google-bigquery-2The 2020.4 BlueVenn Unify release includes a new integration with Google BigQuery. This enables customers to connect to thedata ware and import Google BigQuery source data into the Customer Data Platform, then unify this fresh information with data from other sources.

Google Analytics data ingestion

Google Analytics

This release also comes with a new integration to Google Analytics (GA), which lets businesses import GA source data.

For clients using GA 360, this facilitates the comprehensive ingestion of source data, which can then be unified with data from other locations.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales data ingestion


Another new integration has been built for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, enabling the importation of source data from the CRM, which again can be combined with the data maintained in BlueVenn Unify.

Postal address management

BlueVenn Unify is one of the best tools on the market for use by multichannel (online and offline) brands that place great importance on the quality of postal address data they hold on customers. Our CDP cleanses and standardizes postal addresses natively, to ensure optimal quality. The raw, uncleansed addresses will also now be stored and retained, for auditing purposes, which will allow users to better analyze the quality of their address data.

Merge ‘Contact Us’ into ‘Conversation Manager’

We have deprecated the ‘Contact Us’ module by merging it into the newer ‘Conversation Manager’ module within BlueVenn Unify, which provides the customer with preference center functionality. This will provide additional benefits of authentication when clients create web contact forms from within the CDP.

To find out more about the new features of BlueVenn 2020.4, existing customers should speak to their Account Manager or look out for emails from the Customer Success Team, which will include the BlueVenn 2020.4 update video.

Alternatively, if you sign into the BlueVenn Support Portal, you will be able to access articles explaining every new feature in detail. Or, if you’re researching our platform, sign up for a demo today to gain a more detailed overview of BlueVenn’s technology.

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