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Personalized, contextualized, localized

Personalised Localised ContextualisedPersonalization has become a priority marketing strategy over the past year or so – but how many brands are yet actually delivering anything of real value? One day we will reach a world where every consumer will be looking at a different, personal version of a website. Today, however, most brands’ personalization attempts deliver little more than a personal greeting over a generic, one size fits all web site.

So how can companies evolve from the static model deployed today to embrace a real-time approach that serves up personalized content on both web sites and within marketing emails?

1. Personalization

The ability to deliver real-time personalization transforms the way in which organizations can engage with consumers. For example, dynamic email campaigns can deliver different content each time the consumer opens an email - from the latest snapshot of an organization’s Twitter feed to a dynamic count down of the days to Christmas. The model can be extended online where the landing page is tailored to deliver different product offers based on previous searches.

2. Contextualization

Contextualization extends this model by reflecting other aspects of customer information within each interaction – for example, if the consumer lives in London, it is night time and raining, the website background could be an iconic London image at night, in the rain.

3. Localization

Brands need to ensure that every message is relevant – so why not also deliver content based on a consumer’s geographic location to improve the value of each communication? For example, tailors content to its consumers based on nearest airports and transport links.

Organizations have growing volumes of customer data and, increasingly, a single customer view (SCV). The challenge now is to use that data effectively and explore real-time personal communications to build that essential one to one customer relationship.

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