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BlueVenn announces new omnichannel marketing hub and CDP features in the 2020.3 update

2020-3-release-bannerThe BlueVenn Marketing Hub just got even better, thanks to a host of new updates in its 2020.3 release. As well as new email, eCommerce, and social integrations and connectors, there are new marketing automation capabilities that offer personalization. There's also a unique coupon code generator and added data compliance functionality, to anonymize personal data fields in the Customer Data Platform


New omnichannel marketing updates and integrations

The BlueVenn 2020.3 update allows you to generate personalized, unique omnichannel voucher codes that can be utilized across all of your connected online and offline marketing channels, while a new offer prioritization matrix lets you create groups of product offers that can be delivered to defined segments of customers, to improve conversions. We also have new channel connectors for Sailthru and Facebook.

New omnichannel voucher codes


BlueVenn users can now create unique voucher codes directly within the platform, which can then be pushed to your connected systems and channels, in order to manage the usage and redemption of those offers as part of wider marketing campaigns. Once these vouchers are redeemed and the resulting purchase data flows back into BlueVenn, users will be able to analyze the success of the voucher campaigns by channel, person, device and source.

New offer prioritization matrix

The new offer prioritization matrix enables users to match the best relevant products and offers with distinct audience segments, so you can personalize certain deals, at scale, over and above others that a given individual would find less interesting.


This allows you to deliver consistent and highly personalized offers across all connected online and offline channels, to improve the likely conversion rate.

New Sailthru connector


A new Sailthru connector has been launched for those marketers using, or looking to use, Sailthru as their email marketing platform. Once connected, it enables BlueVenn users to select Sailthru as the email communication step within a BlueVenn campaign or customer journey.

The connector means that BlueVenn will then manage selection of the audience or segment to send to Sailthru, removing the need to export and upload lists from many different systems, and it will also select the message or creative to send to that audience. The resulting clicks, opens and behaviors then flow back into BlueVenn, triggering subsequent communication steps or logical workflows inside.

For example, you may be running a multi-channel campaign across email, mobile and direct mail. The new Sailthru connector enables you to manage all these channels within one campaign workflow, and automate particular email behaviors or purchases to trigger the other mobile and offline channels.

Improved Facebook audience connector


Our revamped Facebook integration tool enables BlueVenn users to add Facebook advertising to a multi-channel campaign or ongoing customer journey. It lets users add a campaign step to upload a targeted audience to Facebook and then deliver an ad campaign. This eliminates Facebook as a siloed channel and enables marketers to use Facebook advertising as part of an omnichannel sequence of customer journey steps, perhaps to maximize the uptake of a specific promotion or campaign.

You will therefore be able to show an advert in parallel with an email, SMS or website offer, or target Facebook users where other channels are suppressed or customers have opted-out from them.

Facebook audience connector example

You want to communicate a new limited time offer to a selection of customers and ensure that you maximize the coverage of the campaign across multiple channels. Across a database of 2 million customers, you may have 10% that have opted out of email. The remaining 90% will therefore receive the email, but your 200k opted-out contacts can be uploaded to Facebook during the campaign, matched to the Facebook audience network, and then advertised to with the offer.

New analytics and reporting updates

Improved Tableau BI integration

Tableau in BlueVenn

BlueVenn is already built for rapid analytics, transforming its marketing users into data scientists through an array of data visualization and data exploration tables and charts. However, to share customer data, insights and reporting with the wider business, users often rely on 3rd party BI tools, such as Tableau or Microsoft Power BI, to build interactive dashboards and presentations.

BlueVenn's improved Tableau integration gives users the ability to schedule a Tableau .hyper file format extract that dramatically improves the performance of pushing data into Tableau. The new .hyper file format, released recently by Tableau, improves the speed with which Tableau can accept large volumes of data from BlueVenn, to aid the creation of shareable dashboards and reports. This new Tableau integration extends previous methods of getting data from BlueVenn to Tableau, via an ODBC driver.

New customer data management updates and integrations

The BlueVenn Customer Data Platform enables you to ingest data from any integrated source, in any quantity, in real-time or as part of a batch process. It then automates the matching, merging, cleansing and deduplication of all data into a Single Customer View. To make light work of ingesting data from modern marketing tools (email, CMS and eCommerce platforms, a CRM system, etc.), our team constantly builds new BlueVenn DataSync integrations for the Customer Data Platform. Here are the DataSync integrations in 2020.3:

New Magento 2 DataSync integration


The BlueVenn CDP has a new connector for the highly popular Magento 2 eCommerce platform. This connector establishes a link between BlueVenn and your Magento instance, and immediately starts to pull in data via the Magento2 API. Each time BlueVenn pulls in customer and transaction records from Magento 2, it can be set up to trigger a series of data processing and identity resolution rules, to deduplicate, cleanse, standardize and unify them with all the other records and data in the system. 

New Eloqua DataSync integration


The BlueVenn Customer Data Platform also now has a pre-built DataSync connector to Oracle Eloqua, whereby it uses the Eloqua API to ingest customer and event data, which will be unified with other data sources within the system to enhance the Single Customer View. Eloqua customers can connect using their existing Eloqua credentials, which, once authenticated, will authorize the ingestion of contacts and data.

New data compliance and privacy updates

Modern data protection regulations, such as the GDPR and the CCPA, put a stronger emphasis on how personal data and personally identifiable Information (PII) is used, shared and managed. The BlueVenn Customer Data Platform already comes with a variety of data compliance controls to help you complete subject access requests, create preference centers and remove personal data/PII. Following a feature request from our customers, we’ve now added personal data anonymization capabilities too.


New personal data anonymization

New compliance controls have been added to the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform, enabling any field containing personal data or PII to be fully anonymized to specific users. This ensures that business users, or 3rd parties and partners, will be presented with anonymized records where you deem it unnecessary, or against regulations, for them to view or have access to a customer's personal data.

Additional BlueVenn 2020.3 features

Here is a rundown of additional features and functionality in the BlueVenn Marketing Hub 2020.3 update:

  • New user password expiry and renewal tools for system administrators
    • Enjoy improved administration of user passwords.
  • New user login IP authentication
    • Restrict access to BlueVenn through recognized user IP addresses.
  • New data analysis export tools
    • Export any data directly from a BlueVenn pivot report.
  • New dynamic content mapper for the built-in BlueVenn email marketing module
    • Create dynamic content blocks that can be used in the BlueVenn HTML creative builder.
  • Improved data loading system monitoring tools
    • New system monitoring tools enable Customer Data Platform administrators to more easily see the status of ETL processes, scheduled data loads and user activity.
  • Improved Customer Data Platform (CDP) system reporting
    • We have replaced our built-in system reporting tools, designed to monitor the performance of the system, with export functionality and data filtering options.
  • Improved bulk data matching and deduplication
    • Updates have been made to the way that the CDP handles bulk data uploads, to improve performance and match rates.
  • Updated Customer Data Platform API
    • Enhancements and updates have been made to our APIs that 3rd party systems connect to.
  • New profile data enhancements
    • There is enhanced flexibility for the collection of profiling data from your customers, which can then be added to individual records and contact points.
  • New installers for on-site CDP deployments and BlueVenn partners
    • New Unify software installers for users and clients whose businesses do not permit hosted cloud deployments, allowing installation on their own servers; also allows deployment to the existing infrastructures of BlueVenn Partners.

2020.3 instructions for existing BlueVenn customers

For more information, extended technical documentation, and to see some of the new functionality in action, look out for emails from the Customer Success Team, including the BlueVenn Marketing Hub 2020.3 update video. Alternatively, you can speak to your Account Manager directly to discuss any of the new and updated functionality.

2020.3 instructions for anyone reviewing BlueVenn for the first time

Register for the next live BlueVenn demonstration webinar for a first look at the new 2020.3 features, as well as an overview of the BlueVenn Marketing Hub, in which you'll learn how to:

  • Integrate online and offline data to create a Single Customer View.
  • Improve targeting of campaigns using analysis tools for customer segmentation and audience creation.
  • Use predictive analytics to make real-time decisions that will positively affect the customer journey.
  • Orchestrate omnichannel marketing campaigns across all online and offline channels.
  • Use real-time personalization as part of a multi-channel customer journey, for better engagement.
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