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Marketing technology analyst David Raab reviews the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform

BlueVennEarlier in December, respected marketing technology analyst and consultant David Raab was introduced to the capabilities of the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform and has recently published his independent assessment of the software.

Raab is Principal of Raab Associates, a group created to help marketers select the best marketing technologies and service vendors. Through his blog, the Customer Experience Matrix, Raab has been offering his findings since 2006.

Raab is also the founder of the Customer Data Platform Institute (CDPI), an organization created to provide vendor-neutral information about issues, methods and technology relating to customer data management.

With BlueVenn being a founding member of the CDPI, it was only appropriate that Raab share his report of its solution. He said:

“[BlueVenn’s] unified database process, a.k.a. single customer view, has rich functionality to load data from multiple sources and do standardization, validation, enhancement, hygiene, matching, deduplication, governance and auditing. These were standard functions for traditional marketing databases, which needed them to match direct mail names and addresses, but are not always found in modern customer data platforms.

“BlueVenn's signature selection tool has always the Venn diagram (intersecting circles).  This is made possible by a columnar database engine that is extremely fast at finding records with shared data elements.”

You can read the rest of his assessment on the Customer Experience Matrix blog here.

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