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Infographic: Omnichannel Marketing Excellence

If you want to know how a CDP will impact your cross-channel marketing capabilities, take a look at our infographic. Using the findings of a 2020 global study by BlueVenn and London Research, which surveyed 235 organizations with annual revenues of at least $50m, it shows why CDP use has increased during the pandemic and how a Customer Data Platform enables marketers to offer a better customer experience, both online and offline. In particular, it demonstrates why CDP-equipped companies were 2X as likely to outperform against their marketing goals in the year leading up to the pandemic as non-CDP users.

Respondents at organizations with a CDP were also far more likely to report that they were able to:

  • Have synchronized/coordinated customer journeys across offline and digital channels.
  • Apply an integrated, cross-channel approach to lead nurturing.
  • Deliver advanced personalization to enhance the customer experience.
  • Leverage advanced customer data analytics to optimize their customer experience.

Download our Omnichannel Marketing Excellence infographic now.


Formed from our Omnichannel Marketing Excellence research report, this infographic demonstrates why a CDP makes marketers 2X as likely to significantly outperform against their main business goals. 

The research report examined the performance of companies across four key pillars of omnichannel marketing excellence: 

  • Outbound marketing
  • Inbound marketing
  • Owned media
  • Cross-channel orchestration

It found that companies with a CDP were twice as likely to be delivering fully synchronized online and offline customer journeys. 

To download the infographic as a PDF, simply click on the download button. 

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Access the full Omnichannel Excellence Report here.

Listen to BlueVenn and London Research discuss the Omnichannel Excellence survey results in this on-demand webinar from January 2021:

This webinar focuses on the key findings from the Omnichannel Marketing Excellence report produced by London Research in partnership with BlueVenn.

Report authors Andrew Campbell and Linus Greoriadis outline some of the key insights and recommendations from the study alongside BlueVenn's VP Marketing, Anthony Botibol.

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