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Infographic: The Mythical Beasts of Marketing

Do marketers have the skills or the technology to take on some of the the biggest challenges in their industry? Dare they tackle the mythical beasts of marketing...?


Storybook Defeating the Mythical Beasts of Marketing 

Mythical Beasts of MarketingBlueVenn recently conducted a landmark survey of 202 decision-making marketers across the UK and US. We presented these results in a marketing report with a difference – the Defeating the Mythical Beasts of Marketing storybook.

Its aim was to understand:

  • What marketers see as the principle challenges in their role
  • How well-equipped they feel to deal with today’s marketing environment, in terms of the tools they use
  • Which aspects of marketing they feel are easily achieved, and which they see as purely ‘mythical beasts’  

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Myths of Marketing Survey

Survey Report The Myths of Marketing 

Complementing BlueVenn's unique Mythical Beasts of Marketing storybook, The Myths of Marketing report delves deeper into the results of our survey. 

Read more to learn:

  • How marketers are preparing and analyzing their customer data
  • Which areas of technology and knowledge are holding marketers back
  • Do MarTech vendors have the answers to marketing problems, or are they little more than myths?  

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