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Iain Lovatt and Subaru wow the crowds at DataIQ Summit

Subaru badgeAt last week’s DataIQ Summit in London last week, BlueVenn chairman Iain Lovatt delivered what Econsultancy described as “one of the most interesting sessions” of the event.

The DataIQ Summit is an opportunity to discover how the use of data and analytics are driving transformations, defining new opportunities and delivering value within today’s organizations. One such organization being IM Group, sole UK importers for Subaru cars, whose data-driven marketing strategy is powered by BlueVenn technology.

Introduced by the roar of Subaru’s instantly recognizable Boxer engine and the smell of leather, Iain’s breakout session presentation stimulated the senses of the crowd and set the scene for how the automotive brand can use data to create an emotive and personalized customer experience.

Core to Subaru’s solution is its Single Customer View (SCV), which unifies the data from all online sources (and offline at dealerships) to enable timely, relevant content during what can be a lengthy sales cycle. People have very different requirements from their cars, and the SCV means being able to offer the right vehicle to suit their needs, lifestyle and budget based on the behavioral data its collected and collated.

Through enhancing and personalizing the customer experience in this way, Subaru was able to increase number of inquiries leading to test drives by a factor of 3.2 and the number test drives leading to sales by a factor of 1.6.

You can read more about what Econsultancy thought of Iain's presentation here, or read BlueVenn’s IM Group case study in greater depth below.

IM Group and BlueVenn Create a Unified National Marketing System for Subaru Case Study

IM Group

IM Group turned to BlueVenn to create a Single Customer View database, with the capability to support fully coordinated, national marketing campaigns. 

Discover how BlueVenn enabled IM Group to: 

  • Handle the online marketing for all of its UK dealerships
  • Gain access to a carefully segmented database to target individual customers
  • Create a coherent national strategy
  • Increase customer satisfaction ratings
  • Increase the number of identifable sales opportunities
  • Improve personalization for prospective customers

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