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I-Centrix team up with BlueVenn to offer intelligent marketing solutions


BlueVenn, the specialized supplier of enterprise marketing management software for direct and database marketing, today announced its partnership with I-Centrix, a premier provider of marketing services to the catalog and retail industries. Under the agreement, I-Centrix will employ BlueVenn tools to enhance the database marketing services it offers clients.

I-Centrix is complementing its marketing services by using BlueVenn as a resource for campaign management, data analysis and marketing reporting that will give its clients a clearer, value added customer view.

Adopting BlueVenn software to deliver campaign management, analysis and reporting solutions, I-Centrix will be able offer a comprehensive suite of BlueVenn database solutions to clients.

I-Centrix clients will be able to maximize their marketing efforts by accessing advanced, highly effective, user-friendly analytics and campaign management marketing tools.

We have evaluated several alternative tool sets and feel that BlueVenn provides the most robust solution. It is incredibly fast, extremely powerful, and easy to use — a combination that is hard to find. This partnership rounds out our long-standing database services offering. When combined with our industry leading M/P and PIN assignment technologies, we can offer a full range of marketing services under one roof.
Robert Gaito, President, I-Centrix 

About I-Centrix

I-Centrix is a data processing company focused on servicing Catalog and Retail marketers. The Company’s technology was designed specifically to support today’s multi-channel environment and has capabilities that have attracted the attention of some of the nation’s largest multi-title mailers.

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