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How can travel brands use real-time content features?


Travel WebsiteIt’s the start of a new year, which means that along with a host of new promises to eat healthier, learn a new skill or kick a bad habit it’s also the time when many start daydreaming about a chance to escape the winter weather on vacation. The prime time for travel companies to start tempting their customers with enticing destinations where they could get away from it all.

However, today’s savvy shoppers needs more than a glossy brochure and fancy  photography to attract them. Now they want an online experience that speaks to them personally and reflect their tastes. Travel companies need the right content tools to design their marketing strategy, using customizable and personalizable real-time content tools, like BlueRelevance to successfully boost engagement and revenue.

Countdown Timers

Countdown Timer

Using animated Countdown Timers are an effective way for travel companies to increase urgency, boost engagement and increase sales from email and web. Timers are an ideal tool to use should you be offering a limited time deal or want to encourage to make a booking quicker, for example “Book in the next 12 hours to get 20% off this vacation”.

As prices for vacations continuously fluctuate, live pricing is a must for travel companies. Countdown Timers and other content tools can show the current price and availability of a flight or hotel room, taken your pricing API, and displayed in every email and web page.

Product Recommendations

Product Recommendations

BlueVenn’s real-time tools use ‘SmartBlocks’ (sections of real-time, personalized content that you can design to place on web pages or in emails). The Product Recommendation SmartBlock enables travel companies to display their top sellers, trending vacations, or offers that appeal to the current shopper.

Once you have chosen the rules for your Product Recommendations, they will automatically update in real-time, meaning less need for marketers to have to intervene manually.

Social Proof
Social Proof

As the steady rise of review sites has proven, buyers are far more likely to trust opinions shared by their peers than marketers. So, using Social Proof can really help shoppers decide on a deal. For example, showing the number of people currently shopping online, or have recently booked will highlight the vacations that others have made popular.

Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

BlueRelevance's real-time SmartBlocks also enable travel companies to integrate social marketing (such as Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter) into your emails and web pages. With people often turning to social media when looking for inspiration for their next vacation, this can be very effective to drive engagement and sales.

Weather Features

Weather Features

Many shoppers looking to book a vacation do so to escape their weather at home, so real-time Weather Features can make a big difference. For example, showing sunny beach vacations to shoppers who are looking at gray skies through their window.

You can recommend offers based on weather (to help prepare for the current vacation), or show the local weather forecast at different destinations, or combine these two.



By including a Popover, marketers can capture email addresses, reduce site abandonment and display offers throughout your web pages. You can target forms at visitors depending on their stage in the customer journey, making it personalized to each individual. For example, showing a Popover form when customers leave your site asking to an email of all details of the vacations they just browsed.


Travel Banner

As the main focus of an website or email, an announcement or ‘hero image’ banner is the first thing to grab a visitor’s attention. This banner can make even more impact with the addition of personalized content.  This could include customer messages welcoming back returning visitors, greeting new ones, displaying a vacation that was previous browsed or content tailored to their purchase history.


Travel Coupon

The use of coupons continues to be a great way to entice and retain customers. For example, offering bespoke discounts to new or returning customers to encourage them to take action.

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