How a Customer Data Platform Optimizes Multi-Channel Marketing

In today’s digital and fully connected world, customers are taking increasingly complex journeys consisting of multiple touchpoints. Customers are also now able to interact with an organization through more channels than ever – such as email, websites, social media, mobile, direct mail, etc.

Whilst this is great news for marketers, it does bring a few headaches with it. For example, a customer could have a product advertised to them on Facebook via their smartphone. They might then view it on Amazon on their laptop, add it to their basket, pause – and close their web browser…and then two days later purchase the product in-store! It therefore comes as no surprise that marketers are struggling to optimize their marketing channels and keep up with the relentless zigzagging of those who purchase their products.


A Customer Data Platform however brings together your online and offline information from disparate data silos, providing you with the foundation you need to enhance your multi-channel marketing. It cleanses and de-duplicates this data to give you your ‘golden record’ – the coveted Single Customer View. This provides you with everything you need to know about each customer and connect with them in the most personalized way possible.

Make your marketing personal

Through the creation of rich and dynamic customer profiles, a Customer Data Platform enables you to connect with the customer in the most authentic way possible due to this newfound knowledge of what will appeal, and what kind of marketing will be effective to them. For example, with a Customer Data Platform you can see if a customer of yours, who has recently been browsing a new product on your website, is a frequent social media user. The Customer Data Platform then allows you to utilize this data and optimize your social media marketing channel to them based on what they were browsing on your website.

Achieve success with real-time

The Customer Data Platform is a continuous ecosystem with its ability to record every real-time interaction you have with a customer and every interaction they have with you – from digital channels and call centres to brick and mortar stores. All of this data is consistently fed in to the Customer Data Platform from every data source, providing you with the most up-to-date insight of your customers. As a result, you now have the latest customer profiles, enabling you to optimize your marketing throughout all channels in real-time and appeal to their interests at that very moment.

Optimize your multi-channel marketing with a Customer Data Platform

A Customer Data Platform empowers you to create multi-channel marketing campaigns and spend less time focusing on how you are going to send a message out and more time creating the message. This is because your data analytics, campaign management tools and the ability to send messages through separate channels is all in one location. And because a Customer Data Platform is an infinite loop, every response to a campaign can be fed back in to the CDP to give you a clean and accurate view of each customer.

Multi-channel marketing, at its essence, is all about targeting the right customer at the right time via the right channel. And when it comes to relevant customer interactions, a Customer Data Platform allows you to fully optimize your multi-channel marketing and tailor your communication with customers on a personal level.

About BlueVenn

BlueVenn is the first and only Customer Data Platform with fully integrated multi channel marketing automation, providing its 400 clients with the ability to manage, monitor and execute all their online and offline campaigns through one tool.

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