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How a Customer Data Platform improves the customer experience

Customer experienceAs technology, websites and the online experience advances, so too do customers’ expectations of a tailored experience. As a result, marketers are always looking for new and improved methods of creating personalized connections.

According to a 2018 Digital Trends report, 77% of companies in North America see optimizing their customer journey across multiple touchpoints over the next few years as one of their top priorities. However, if you are unable to fully understand your customer, how will you be able to optimize the customer journey?

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) gives marketers unique insights into the needs of their audience through unifying and analyzing data from a range of the business’s online and offline customer data sources. This creates a ‘golden record’, or Single Customer View, that gives the marketing team a 360 degree picture of who their customers are, what appeals to them and how they engage with their brand. This therefore enables marketers to personalize the customer journey and their marketing campaigns using both online and offline data.

If you’d like to learn more about customer data platforms see our “What is a Customer Data Platform?” article.

The three ways a CDP improves the customer experience

  1. It fuels the customer journey – A primary reason why marketers are investing in CDPs is because they facilitate greater personalization. Through analyzing customer data and generating this golden record, a CDP allows you to join the different touchpoints from customers across all channels to analyze and optimize an engaging customer journey across every step they take.
  1. Customers only see what they want to see - A CDP allows marketers to create accurate and detailed customer profiles through the collection and unification of information from a range of data silos. For example, CRM systems, emails, POS and websites. While customers tune out from mass marketing, personalized emails or text messages remind them that you see them as an individual, rather than a number in a database. A targeted message, using the available data from a CDP, is more likely to get their attention and appeal to them and result in a conversion.
  1. It enables real-time communication – Marketers often find themselves spending too much time preparing and cleansing data in order to identify trends. And by the time they have enough data to take action and create a tailored campaign, the opportunity has gone! Real-time personalization, however, helps build customer relationships and generate sales at the critical moment. With a CDP you can use persistent, unified data to provide them with relevant content and offers at the right time by knowing who they are, where they are and what they are looking for.

Enhance your customer experience with a CDP

A CDP gives you the information and tools to make the buying process as easy and painless as possible for customers - therefore giving you an edge over competitors, and putting trustworthy customer data at the heart of all your marketing initiatives!

Through blending all of your online and offline customer data and presenting it back to you in real-time, the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform gives you the ability to create a highly tailored customer experience. You can intervene at any point in the customer journey using the integrated marketing automation tools and serve relevant content and offers. As a result, you are sure to see your engagement levels rise and conversions increase.

If you would like to find out more about how the BlueVenn multi-channel marketing automation and Customer Data Platform can improve your customers’ experience, contact us today.

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