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Forrester includes BlueVenn in new cross-channel campaign management and customer analytics reports 

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Earlier this year, tech analysts Forrester released their new first quarter reports documenting the latest in ‘Now Tech’. In this case, from the fast-moving customer analytics and enterprise marketing technology landscapes. BlueVenn is proud to have made an appearance in both.

The first report, Now Tech: Cross-Channel Campaign Management, Q1 2018 presents CCCMs (Cross-Channel Campaign Management) as a core enterprise marketing priority.

While this term has yet to gain much adoption outside of the researcher’s own reports, the benefits of CCCMs are clear. Even if elsewhere you might see these same technologies referred as something else. Like ‘journey orchestration engines’, ‘multi-channel campaign management’, ‘multi-channel decision management’, or ‘customer journey automation’.

Whatever you choose to call them, the Forrester report states that contextually relevant customer experience strategies only materialize when firms understand their customers and anticipate their needs., Effective CCCM deployments empower B2C marketers with easy-to-use tools for analyzing customer data, deriving contextual insights, and orchestrating better CX.

CCCMs also provide marketers with the power to leverage a range of technologies, to create cross-channel interactions and align online and offline touchpoints. The report notes that the right CCCM solution will enable value exchanges with customers throughout their lifecycle with the brand.

The report identified BlueVenn as an ‘independent platform’, as part of a group of vendors that “offer compelling alternatives for midmarket firms as well as enterprise B2C marketers looking for best-of-breed point solutions to complement their enterprise marketing technology ecosystems.”

Elsewhere, BlueVenn appeared in Forrester’s Now Tech: Customer Analytics Technologies, Q1 2018 report, which covers the well-established need for marketers to extract value from customer data and turn it into meaningful insights.

Companies that use customer analytics technologies like BlueVenn are better equipped to acquire, nurture and retain their most valuable customers. The author of the report notes that, “Forrester believes that as the customer analytics category continues to mature, it will add significant value to the businesses that adopt it.”

These technologies also enable organizations to deliver relevant experiences that deepen customer relationships through analysis and modeling, as well as analyze the customer journey to identify, optimize and improve the customer experience.

While Forrester positions BlueVenn as a ‘customer analytics toolkit’ (and we agree with the comment that these type of vendors “give data scientists and data-savvy business analytics access to advanced machine learning algorithms and data preparation capabilities”), it does not include the company among Customer Data Platforms. These, Forrester describe as solving “pervasive challenges of customer data integration and access.”

In truth, we’d argue that BlueVenn (as a CDP) achieves both, but it is great to be cited by Forrester and listed as a provider of customer analytics and cross-channel campaign management solutions to consider.

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