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Drive a sense of urgency with Countdown Timers


Countdown TimersWhen shopping online, customers are free to browse at their leisure. There are no queues at the checkout or opening hours to worry about. If you want to buy a pair of shoes or a bicycle at 4am on a Sunday morning, you can. Still, while the ability to shop 24/7 is one of the most convenient things about online shopping, that doesn’t mean brands don’t want to give customers a little nudge down the sales funnel every now and then.

The addition of Countdown Timers to your website pages or marketing emails can boost engagement and encourage sales, by using animation to attract the viewer’s attention.

Being confronted by a ticking clock doesn’t just get the pulse racing for Hollywood action stars as they search for an explosives-diffusing green wire (or was it the blue wire?), they can drive a sense of urgency for everyone.

For shoppers, a Countdown Timer is a great way to promote the beginning or end of a sale, or by highlighting a shipping deadline – which can be especially useful on the run-up to the Holiday season. Additionally, Countdown Timers can be used to highlight in-store opening hours, or the availability of your customer service line.

Using BlueVenn’s BlueRelevance tool, our Countdown Timers use ‘SmartBlocks’ (blocks of real-time, personalized content that you can design) that can be dropped into both emails and web pages.

These SmartBlocks use standard HTML for layouts, meaning no special coding skills are need, and it is easy to keep the formatting consistent with the style and tone of your other marketing content.

You can also use ‘Slot Rules’, which will decide which SmartBlock to use, based on real-time customer behavior. This means you can display different (or topical) content for different customers, without having to edit the web page or email.

If you’re feeling creative, you can have full control of the HTML or CSS design. Otherwise, you have a selection of templates available.

Animated Countdown Timers are very effective at making an impact, attracting attention and improving page performance. They can be put to use in any number of ways, but your only real limit is your imagination!



Offer Ending Countdown Timers, for example, are ideal for increasing urgency to take action, or reminding shoppers to complete a transaction before a certain deadline. Adding the time until an offer ends in your email header can reinforce the need to act quick, whether or not the Countdown Timer is animated. 








Who doesn’t like to be the first to experience a big reveal? Coming Soon Countdown Timers are perfect for events such as opening a new store, or seasonal events both online and in-store. Keep your visitors informed and in anticipation for the event.



product launch.png

Build excitement for the arrival of something new with a Launching a Product Countdown Timer, to keep your customers engaged and eager for the launch.







With Store Information Countdown Timers, you can keep visitors informed about your opening hours, or the availabilty of customer service representatives.



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