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How can a Customer Data Platform improve personalized marketing?

PersonalizationMarketers are always looking for new and improved ways to make personal connections with their customers. Yet as technology, websites and the online experience develops, so do customer expectations of a personalized brand experience.

By analyzing data from a range of sources, a Customer Data Platform (CDP) gives marketers unique insights into the transactions and behaviors of consumers. This insight then gives marketers the ability to build customer journeys and marketing campaigns with content personalized to each customer’s intent and needs. 

Personalizing the customer journey

Personalizing the customer journey can only be achieved when you fully understand your customer. However, you can only understand your customer when you have a complete, accurate picture of who they are and how they engage with your business – across all of your marketing channels.

How a customer behaves when shopping in-store could be different to their actions using your ecommerce store or app. All of these channels collect information about this behavior. If you want to be able to create relevant experiences for them, then you’ll want to be able to blend this knowledge – perhaps combining it with additional intelligence from their activities outside your brand – to piece together a more informed, more accurate and more detailed profile. 

Personalize your marketing

One of the key features of a CDP is the ability to unify customer data into a single location. This means, matching, merging and deduplicating all the data from what is likely to be siloed databases, such as your CRM, email, website, point of sale and more.

The resultant Single Customer View (SCV) a Customer Data Platform can create gives marketers a foundation for deeper data analysis, and the more informed decision-making is crucial for personalized marketing.

First is ability to build precise, accurate segments of customers for highly targeted campaigns. Reliable data also provides a robust basis for building predictive models, and these can be used to forecast what products or content your customers might find useful to them in the future. 

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Harness the power of real-time

Unified customer profiles created by a CDP also have another significant benefit – they be leveraged by real-time marketing strategies. This means delivering customized content across many online channels (such as your website and in your emails) at the most pertinent moments. This can include we and email product and content recommendations, or landing pages personalized depending on who visits them. For example, the ability to highlight key products based on a shopper’s browsing history, location and profile. 

Better personalization with a Customer Data Platform

Customers tune out to mass marketing whereas personalization makes them feel like an individual rather than a number on a spreadsheet. A targeted message is more likely to get their attention and appeal to them, as well as help deepen customer relationships.

A CDP means you can intervene in the customer journey by serving your customers relevant content, online advertising and digital promotions. In turn, this increases engagement and boosts conversions.

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Making a CDP work for you and your business

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