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How a Customer Data Platform makes data marketing more efficient

CDP efficiencyA long-standing problem that marketers experience time and again is their lack of access to quality, usable data. This inability to utilize data at the time when it’s needed means that it's difficult to communicate the right message to the right customer at the right moment. And with your data spread over multiple silos, it’s an overwhelming challenge for marketers to wade through different pools of data to find the information they need.

So how does a Customer Data Platform (CDP) solve these problems?

A CDP creates a centralized hub of your customer information from a broad range of online and offline data silos. This unified data provides the foundation a company needs to create their Single Customer View (SCV).

The SCV process analyzes, cleans and deduplicates your online and offline data, transforming it into an accurate readable record for each customer. This gives marketers the accuracy they need to identify and target a specific audience, exactly when they need to.

A marketing platform for marketers

With half of marketers agreeing that they spend too much time processing data to use for marketing, and three quarters saying their company does not invest enough money into analysis tools, the need for a CDP is clear.

A defining feature of a CDP is how the technology empowers marketers to manage customer data themselves. They no longer need to rely on IT departments or third party Marketing Service Providers to collect data, examine it and then present it back to them in a clear format.

As disparate data is now more accessible and reliable, even marketers without technical backgrounds or the ability to mine data from different sources can use customer data for analysis. Marketers can also build data models such as predictive propensity or lifetime value models, and perform hyper-targeted segmentation.

CDPs allow you to plug in to marketing automation platforms too. Some CDPs, like BlueVenn, already include marketing automation software that integrates with other channel execution tools. As a result, you can quickly orchestrate multi-channel campaigns, using this unified data source as the basis for consistent messaging across separate channels.

No more useless data

A CDP amends information to give the most recent view of a customer. For example, if they change their home address multiple times, a CDP will ensure you don’t dispatch marketing material to their previous address – likewise with telephone numbers, emails and other points of communication. Not only does this mitigate wasted marketing expenditure, it reduces the likelihood of customers feeling like they are being inundated with unwanted communication and damaging the customer relationship.

Use a CDP to make your data marketing more efficient

A CDP dramatically increases the efficiency of your data marketing in a number of ways. Through turning complex, unstandardized information into clean, readable data, a CDP can be used by any marketer, putting the power of effective communication in your hands rather than your IT department. And by reducing the cost and time involved in reading and understanding your customer information, your data marketing will be more efficient than ever.

For more information on how the BlueVenn CDP can improve your data marketing, get in touch.

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