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Cendris select BlueVenn to its customers to better target and manage marketing campaigns


Use of blueANALYZER, blueCAMPAIGNER and blueREPORTER applications enable Cendris to increase customer campaign effectiveness and response.

BlueVenn, an international vendor of enterprise marketing software, has been selected by Cendris to provide software to help with its marketing services and data management offering.

Cendris is the leading provider of complete and integrated business solutions for the management, printing and retrieval of documents and supports organizations efficiently build sustainable customer relations by optimizing their data quality, list management and document processes. The company will use the BlueVenn Intelligent Marketing Application Suite to help its customers create a global overview of their marketing activity and gain deeper customer insight.

With blueANALYZER, blueCAMPAIGNER and blueREPORTER, Cendris can offer its clients a wide range of new services, including better identification of target recipients, improved understanding of customer behavior, strengthened links with loyal clients and enhanced multichannel management and distribution of information. In addition, all of BlueVenn’s software solutions enable more efficient and cost-effective management of data and marketing campaigns with reporting.

Thanks to BlueVenn, Cendris is becoming a Marketing Service Provider that can deliver all the end-to-end processes of a marketing campaign, from the operational delivery right through to enhanced analytics and customer insight.
Kees Groenewoud, director Campaign Management, Cendris

The Intelligent marketing Application Suite offers efficient campaign management tools designed to enable sharing of information within organizations and between users. Customers also frequently require insight into the status of actions to be executed, a capability that is built into the core BlueVenn software, both at campaign level and at action level.

BlueVenn said:

Providing a comprehensive overview of marketing activity with direct access to information and reporting are critical for today’s multi-channel marketers. And it is with those key ideas that we developed our BlueVenn solutions.

About Cendris

Cendris is part of TNT Post. In 2006 Cendris reported sales of €186 million and employed 4,000 people. The company offers a complete portfolio of specialist solutions for direct communication, data and document management. Cendris provides consultancy on winning and retaining customers and offers services ranging from call center activities, to invoice printing and direct mail. More information about Cendris can be found on its website

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