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BlueVenn partner with ESP dotmailer to make campaign management easier


New integration of BlueVenn and dotmailer closes the loop on digital marketing making multichannel campaign management easier.

The BlueVenn marketing software can now be integrated with dotmailer, the UK’s number one email marketing platform, to create a full, end-to-end analytics and multichannel campaign management tool.

Using BlueVenn, marketers can get quick and easy access to their data, visualize patterns in customer buying behavior and ask questions about their data which would normally take days or weeks of analysis using SQL queries.

This allows users of BlueVenn to create optimized lists for their email campaigns.

Often by analyzing seemingly disparate data, some amazing insights can be gained and campaign targeting can be improved for better response rates and ROI. One of the major benefits of BlueVenn is the ability to build segments of customers from your analysis; integrating with dotmailer allows the marketer to send these segments directly to lists within the email platform to execute email campaigns.

Response data from the email, such as clicks and opens, is then fed back to BlueVenn from dotmailer and applied to the underlying data. This then adds further insight for marketers on device preference, message preference and channel optimization and ensures that transactional data, behavioral data, demographic data and response data are all joined up rather than residing in silos.

BlueVenn commented:

This new connector means that BlueVenn clients will be able to have a fully integrated and closed loop digital CRM solution that encompasses analytics, segmentation and enhanced digital campaign management functionality. By combining the data from dotmailer it will help evaluate the best device and time-of-send as well as the right product, demographics and campaign segments.

For more information about the integration between BlueVenn and dotmailer please visit the dotmailer integration page.

Alternatively, to arrange a demonstration of BlueVenn and dotmailer you can contact BlueVenn directly:


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