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BlueVenn and 3radical partner for more rewarding engagement and personalized customer journeys


BlueVenn has announced a strategic partnership with 3radical, creators of the unique customer engagement platform Voco, to bring new levels of excitement and interactivity to the customer journey.

3radical Voco is the award winning, real time consumer engagement platform that enables business users to create and deliver individually tailored interactive experiences across a broad range of digital channels.  These interactive digital stories result in exceptional response rates and engagement across the entire relationship with a brand – from awareness through purchase and to advocacy.

The new partnership will enable BlueVenn customers globally to deploy these interactive digital stories in conjunction with their multi-channel data analysis and segmentation, optimizing the customer journey for each individual. 

Examples include asking consumers to visit stores, websites, respond to interactive questionnaires and surveys, share information socially, refer friends or make purchases.  In return, different incentives can be provided including points, badges, competition entries, leaderboard positions, social gaming experiences and discounts.  The timing of the request and nature of reward is optimized, delivered “in the moment” by Voco’s real time engine, optimized for mobile devices.  By their behavior, consumers take themselves on an unfolding story with the brand.

Clients including Dell, DBS Bank, Anytime Fitness, Azzuri Group, British Land and many others have achieving consumer engagement rates up to 10 times higher than traditional marketing techniques using Voco, with their results recognized by a host of industry awards.

BlueVenn Group Marketing Director, Anthony Botibol, says:

This new partnership with 3radical means BlueVenn clients can add mobile marketing and high-response customer engagement techniques to their marketing mix. They will not only be able to accurately segment their customer base and create multi-channel customer journeys but also create innovative, rewarding customer experiences that build new levels of engagement between brands and consumers.

“Delivering these rich interactive experiences is not just for retailers, but has been successfully used in the recruitment, financial, travel and leisure and technology industries, as well as for many B2B businesses. BlueVenn is already helping companies within a wide range of industries to make effective use of their marketing data – 3radical is a great compliment to our closed-loop, multi-channel approach.

David Eldridge, CEO, 3radical, adds:

Our partnership with BlueVenn enhances the power of 3radical Voco's real-time, mobile first, yet multi-channel engagement platform.  We are excited to help our joint clients take the single customer view BlueVenn’s technology provides and extend consumer messaging with rich interactive experiences.

About 3radical

Organizations today are increasingly competing on the experience they deliver to their customers. To win, they must find new ways of engaging:

  • Their employees - giving them the information, tools and networks they need to be engaged and effective
  • Their consumers - getting and keeping their attention over time

3radical has developed a software platform, Voco, and set of built in best practices, that achieves exceptional engagement from these audiences.

It does this by enabling business users to create relevant, real time interactive experiences and deliver them via existing digital channels such as web, email, mobile app, social and chat.  These experiences span the entire customer or employee journey, are optimized and delivered “in the moment” for each individual, who through their behavior take themselves on an unfolding story with the brand.

The results are exceptional, with leading brands like Azzuri Group, DBS Bank, Dell, British Land, Anytime Fitness and many more already benefiting from the award winning Voco platform.

3radical sells its solutions globally through offices in the UK, US, Singapore and Australia.

About BlueVenn

BlueVenn provide marketers with tools for powerful analytics, integrated campaign management, modelling, reporting and email communications. Combined with years of experience building Single Customer View databases for some of the largest B2C organizations in the world, the BlueVenn products and solutions are at the forefront of a marketing big data revolution, redefining how marketers work and interact with their customers.   

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