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BlueVenn: your Cross-Channel Campaign Management (CCCM) solution


Marketers know that traditional advertising and marketing campaigns no longer get the reaction from customers they once did. Now, the focus must be towards highly relevant, one-to-one customer engagements, no matter what point they are in their journey or what channel they use.

With this in mind, a report by Independent Research firm Forrester recommends that marketers make an investment into a Cross-Channel Campaign Management (CCCM) solution.

In its March, 2017 report: Vendor Landscape: Cross-Channel Campaign Management, Forrester principal analyst and report author Rusty Warner categorizes and highlights 32 CCCM providers, of which BlueVenn was proud to be included.

What is a CCCM?

A Cross-Channel Campaign Management solution is a valuable addition to your existing marketing stack to “orchestrate insights-driven interactions with individual customers to achieve sustainable competitive advantage”.

As Warner writes there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ proposition, the report places CCCM vendors into several categories, including:

  • Enterprise marketing software suites
  • Insights-driven interaction solutions
  • Dedicated digital marketing platforms
  • Web content management vendors

Outside of the recommended ‘Forrester Wave’ vendors, the report also suggested that alternative CCCM solutions could be worth looking into, as some can:

  • Be integrated with existing operational applications (such as sales automation tools)
  • Deliver more personalized experiences for niche clients
  • Be deployed to ‘as a service’ to smaller organizations
  • Can cater to different language user experiences

Why BlueVenn should be the CCCM solution you choose?

According to Forrester:

“BlueVenn retains its original emphasis on customer data management, and it has recently rebuilt its train-of-thought analytics tools. Insights-driven B2C marketers looking for CCCM packaged with data management services should look at BlueVenn’s solution.”

However, we believe that BlueVenn has the power, scalability and functionality to cater to an even wider range of marketing teams.

For B2C marketers looking for real-time contextual marketing:

Forrester refers to this at Real-Time Interaction Management (RTIM) and suggests some of its Wave vendors for their ability to provide marketers with real-time options for websites, point of sale, kiosks and branches. This has made them popular to those in financial, retail and automotive industries.

BlueVenn can also provide real-time engagements on web, mobile and email, placing custom content at appropriate places including product recommendations, social proofing, social media integration and bespoke discounts. Recently, our clients Stagecoach and AAA have taken advantage of such capabilities and we are shortly releasing a new realtime loyalty scheme for one of our luxury retail clients allowing the connecting of reviews, loyalty points and rewards utilizing the real time engine in BlueVenn.

For B2C marketers looking customer data management and advanced analytics, including predictive:

Forrester lists a number of vendors who demonstrate “leading edge analytics expertise” and “next-best-action decision engines for adaptive customer experiences.” Yet BlueVenn can also be considered another capable vendor with a focus on data management, analytics and real-time functionalities.

While a CCCM, BlueVenn is also a Customer Data Platform (CDP), meaning that storing and maintaining an accurate record of each customer is one of BlueVenn’s core functions. Plus, its approach to making even sophisticated data easy to visualize with accessible and user-friendly analytics. Maternity retailer, Isabella Oliver, for example, is just one such company to champion how intuitive BlueVenn is to use.

Moreover, with the recent BlueVenn 2017.1 update, the solution features the ability to perform predictive modeling, to segment customers based on their likelihood to perform an action or buy a certain product.

For B2C marketers who want to easily integrate their CCCM with other business systems:

It can be a challenge introducing new technology into your marketing stack, so the ability to integrate with existing MarTech and business technology solutions can make or break a decision to opt for a particular vendor.

For marketers who need to integrate with solutions like email, CRM and ecommerce platforms, BlueVenn gives such needs a high priority. As well as the ability to sit above many different data warehouses, BlueVenn connects seamlessly to executional marketing and business intelligence tools.

Just some of the many clients who have made BlueVenn the hub of their marketing operations include AAA and GateHouse Media (who connect BlueVenn to Salesforce), Cuyana (connected to Magento) and The Belfry Hotel & Resort (dotmailer).

For B2C marketer who want a geographical focus and support for regional languages, currencies, etc.:

As Forrester point out, businesses that operate within certain geographical boundaries need to maximize regional operational efficiencies. While BlueVenn does not claim to provide native-speaking support across the globe (although we do have dedicated teams in the UK, US and France), we have provided solutions where the user experience has been localized.

Notably, our client International Personal Finance comes to mind after we deployed BlueVenn at several of its marketing teams across the globe, providing local language software in Poland, Hungary, Romania and Mexico.

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