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BlueVenn survey looks at the current state of MarTech and the 'myths of marketing'

Myths of MarketingIn September 2016, BlueVenn surveyed over 200 marketers in the US and UK, to research what challenges marketers currently face with data and technology. With an abundance of buzzwords coming out of the MarTech industry, we wanted to explore which of them were considered the "Holy Grail of marketing" and which were thought to be "mythical beasts".

In true ‘data storytelling’ fashion, we decided to transform the results of the survey into an actual storybook, which follows the brave knight George on his quest for marketing perfection. We certainly had a lot of fun creating it and we've had some great feedback from those who enjoyed reading it.

If you're yet to read The Mythical Beasts of Marketing, then make sure you download your copy here.

To complement the storybook, we have now released the official report – The Myths of Marketing Survey to provide you with all the facts and figures that inspired George's adventure. We found the results fascinating and hope you do, too.

If you’re looking to find out how close marketers are (or aren't!) to achieving a Single Customer View, Omnichannel marketing, Customer Journeys and predictive analytics, then download the report and see how you compare:

Myths of Marketing Survey

The Myths of Marketing Survey delves deeper into the results of our survey of 202 B2C marketers. 

Read more to learn:

  • How marketers are preparing and analyzing their customer data
  • Which areas of technology and knowledge are holding marketers back
  • Do MarTech vendors have the answers to marketing problems, or are they little more than myths?

  Download now

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