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BlueVenn partner with Fresh Relevance for real-time digital analytics

BlueVenn have formed a new technology partnership with Fresh Relevance to integrate real-time web data and personalization capabilities with the BlueVenn customer analysis and campaign management platform.

fresh-relevance-logo1Fresh Relevance is a suite of real-time marketing tools that provide organizations with the ability to monitor customer web behavior across any website, ecommerce or web platform and serve the information to trigger basket abandonment recovery emails, personalize email and web content to drive up customer engagement.

One of the key benefits of Fresh Relevance is the ease of implementation and the integrated nature of the solution which means it can be plugged into a whole host of existing email tools, ecommerce systems and technologies.

Real-time digital data into BlueVenn technology

The ‘Firehose’ is a feature of Fresh Relevance that can capture all of the real-time data and underlying events across your website or ecommerce system and serve it into our analytics solutions, or directly into the Single Customer View.

This means that BlueVenn customers will be able to feed huge amounts of real-time digital data, such as content consumed, products browsed, carted, purchased or abandoned into their BlueVenn software, and then cross-analyze with customer demographics, transactions and campaign results.

Speaking about the exciting new partnership Mark Jameson, COO at BlueVenn said:

This latest integration adds another dimension for analyzing customers and creating more intelligent marketing campaigns. This functionality truly allows marketers to get a complete picture of their customers’ digital behavior, analyze against past buying patterns and use pattern analysis tools within BlueVenn to understand the digital customer journey. The result means a better understanding of their customers and increased customer engagement.


Jameson continues:

At Fresh Relevance they have proven with their customer-base that real-time recovery emails for basket and subscription abandonment can increase sales over 10%. Utilizing the rich data from the Firehose into our technology will also enable our customers to improve ROI from campaigns through closer targeting and increased customer insight.

In April 2015 Harry Hanson-Smith, Head of Partnerships at Fresh Relevance,  presented at the annual BlueVenn Global User Conference in Las Vegas as part of the announcement of the new partnership.

Speaking at the event and about the partnership Harry said:

 We’re very excited to be working with BlueVenn and feel that the technologies from both parties combined offer a very strong proposition. There is a long history in both businesses of providing best-in-class data-driven marketing products to the world and in a world of integration it’s a very good offering to the marketing community.

About Fresh Relevance

Fresh Relevance Ltd was founded in 2011 by 3 digital marketing professionals under the name Triggered Messaging. They shared the vision of making real-time marketing simpler, cheaper and more effective.

For brothers Mike and Pete Austin, this is their third business together, the previous being Email Reaction, which they co-founded in 2000. Co-Founder Eddy Swindell has over 10 years' experience in digital marketing, with wide experience gained at the highest levels in ESPs, helping companies build their digital marketing strategy and systems.

About BlueVenn

BlueVenn are the marketing technology arm of Blue Group Inc. We provide marketers with tools for powerful analytics, integrated campaign management, modelling, reporting and email communications through the BlueVenn marketing suite. Combined with years of experience at our sister company Blue Sheep building Single Customer View databases for some of the largest B2C and B2B organizations in the world, the BlueVenn products and solutions are at the forefront of a marketing big data revolution, redefining how marketers work and interact with their customers. 


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