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What's New in the BlueVenn Marketing Hub 2019.2 Update?

New connectors and enhanced customer analytics functionality released today for BlueVenn ENGAGE, PLUS 150 new data connectors for BlueVenn UNIFY

As part of BlueVenn’s quarterly cycle of product updates we have today released a collection of new execution channel integrations and customer analytics functionality for BlueVenn ENGAGE. There are also 150 new integrations for ingesting data into the BlueVenn UNIFY Customer Data Platform.

2019.2 Updates for BlueVenn UNIFYUNIFY-logo

150 New Connectors and Integrations

BlueVenn UNIFY can be configured to ingest any data from any source, however we now have connectors to over 150 modern CRM, ERP, eCommerce and other commonly used platforms for the quick and easy setup of data feeds into the Customer Data Platform.


New and Enhanced User Interface

The User Interface for BlueVenn UNIFY has undergone a refresh. All customers will have been informed already and this work is part of the tool's continued seamless integration with all other components of the BlueVenn Marketing Hub.


2019.2 Updates for BlueVenn ENGAGEENGAGE-logo

New Collaboration Features

Folder Sharing

It is now possible to choose which users and groups of users the contents of a certain folder can be shared with. This enables tighter control of materials and promotes easy collaboration, without the worry that sensitive materials might be seen by the wrong people. 

image2019-5-28_16-57-4-1 image2019-5-28_16-58-14 image2019-5-28_16-59-12

New Customer Analysis and Audience Management Features

Enhancements to Cascade Segmentation

Cascade segmentation has been improved in BlueVenn ENGAGE to allow users to specify a seed list of co-workers, friends or family that can help to test campaigns, as well as choose control groups to target with different test scenarios, with the aim of optimizing segment outputs:


Enhancements to Pivot Table Reports

Users can now display very large, complex cross tabs in the new BlueVenn ENGAGE 2019.2 release, enabling them to compare seemingly disparate data sources for improved insights and customer intelligence. Dynamic features then enable them to create campaign audiences and make selections from any cell, or cells, in the complex pivot tables.

Cell selection has been improved and users now have the ability to add multiple calculations into a single pivot table report.

Recency, Frequency, Value (RFV) Modeling Configuration

It is now possible to edit and configure out-of-the-box RFV segmentation models directly within the RFV reporting module. This enables easier, on-the-fly configuration and customization of RFV models and segments:


Domain Import (Custom Audience Creation)

Sometimes a user can't create an audience or selection of customers using queries alone. Perhaps they want to engage 50 people that attended an in-store event or 1,000 customers that have filled out a feedback slip. These types of engagements can be simplified by using Domain Import to manage lists and audiences.

If a user needs to manually select a list of customers, BlueVenn ENGAGE 2019.2 allows them to import a local data file, then compare it with existing files held within the platform. 

New Compliance Features

The Right to be Forgotten

BlueVenn ENGAGE now provides a similar functionality to the BlueVenn UNIFY module that offers the user the ability to locate and remove the Personal Identification Information (PII) of a customer, either when they have asked for it to be removed or when there is no longer a valid reason to retain it. ENGAGE allows the user to perform a search across all the data, then select appropriate records to remove the PII from.

They can also specify a reference code that will facilitate confirmation at a later date that data has been successfully removed, enabling a log of removal to be maintained and provided to customers who have requested confirmation of the erazure of their personal data.

New Connectors and Integrations for BlueVenn ENGAGE

Textlocal Ltd part of IMImobile Plc - SMS

Through a new connector to IMIconnect, this integration allows an SMS message to be specified within BlueVenn ENGAGE interface, or a template created within the IMIconnect platform, which can then be sent as part of a full multi-channel campaign, or triggered as part of an always-on customer journey.

Textlocal Ltd part of IMImobile Plc  - Push Notifications

Another connector through the IMIconnect integration allows app notifications to be released on any Android or iOS platform via BlueVenn ENGAGE, either as part of a multi-channel campaign or part of an always-on campaign or customer journey.

Textlocal Ltd part of IMImobile Plc - InApp Messaging

The third connector as part of the IMIconnect integration allows messages from BlueVenn ENGAGE campaigns and customer journeys to be delivered to the inbox of a custom-written application on Android and iOS powered mobile devices.

YesMail Integration

As part of our 'best-of-breed' approach to marketing automation, we have now added YesMail to the constantly growing number of email marketing connectors for BlueVenn ENGAGE. This will enable users of YesMail to design their emails using the tool, then populate and personalize them using custom variables in BlueVenn, upload lists, selections and audiences, and finally trigger the YesMail campaign.

Lotame (DMP) Integration

The new Lotame (DMP) integration enables BlueVenn ENGAGE users to set the behaviors associated with people in the Lotame platform, directly from within a multi-channel campaign or as part of an always-on customer journey. This gives them the ability to add or suppress customers from audiences, to better optimize the segments sent to the DMP.

If you have any questions about the latest 2019.2 BlueVenn Marketing Hub release, or would like to speak to a member of our team, then contact us here.

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