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BlueVenn to join Upland Software

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Today is the most exciting day in BlueVenn’s journey, as we’re thrilled to announce that BlueVenn has been acquired by Upland Software Inc., a Nasdaq listed leader in cloud-based digital transformation software. Over the last seven years, BlueVenn and Upland have integrated our technologies to provide incredible value to our mutual customers, and we look forward to entering the next phase of our exciting partnership together.

To date, BlueVenn has helped hundreds of brands to extract the full value from their unique customer data, transform their omnichannel marketing potential, and increase their customers’ lifetime value. Upland shares our vision, and by joining their product portfolio, together we will give marketers around the globe the opportunity to create a data-centric, end-to-end customer experience.

“Over the last seven years, BlueVenn and Upland have built a very successful partnership, integrating our technologies to provide incredible value to our mutual customers. By joining Upland, we are helping marketers around the globe elevate their customer engagement capabilities,” said Steve Klin, CEO of BlueVenn, in a press release issued earlier today. “I’m proud of what the BlueVenn team has built and look forward to the next evolution of this market at Upland.”

uBlueVenn-inline-blogWith BlueVenn now sitting at the center of Upland’s CXM product suite, our customers will have the power to fully accelerate their engagement and conversions on the channels that matter the most to their business, whether on email, mobile application, SMS, or online. All under one roof.

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