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BlueVenn help International Personal Finance hold better customer conversations

IPF Customers

Leading home credit and consumer finance company, International Personal Finance (IPF), deploy a marketing automation solution from BlueVenn for a consistent base of data analytics and campaign management across four of its international markets.

IPF turned to BlueVenn, vendors of customer analytics and real-time omnichannel journey optimization tools, to help it create a common data model across multiple businesses, more efficiently process data and better manage the customer journey for many of its 2.6 million customers.

Having worked with BlueVenn since 2006, IPF opted to upgrade its solution for teams in Poland, Hungary, Romania and Mexico, necessitating a bespoke plan that catered to the specific needs of market requirements, and the varying experience of end users.

Ian Longley, Group Head of Customer Development at IPF, said:

The BlueVenn team has been very good at understanding our needs and building a solution that meets them. Not only did they bring the knowledge of the tool, but also a really good business perspective on how we achieve our goals… BlueVenn has the ability to build something that will fit our needs in a flexible way.

With the BlueVenn Marketing Platform, you can visually create a journey, see how it links to others and match our campaign planning to the journey that a customer is taking outside of our organization. It’s a much better way to think about the conversations we are having with our customers.

BlueVenn CEO Steve Klin says:

This plan empowers IPF with new ways to delve into their customer data, extract insight and gain a deeper understanding of its customer base, whatever country they are used in. As long-running clients of BlueVenn, we were pleased to accommodate their requirements with the appropriate technology for each of IPF’s international businesses.


International Personal Finance (IPF) is a leading home credit and digital provider of consumer finance, first established as a division of Provident Financial in 1997. IPF’s operates home credit and digital business models, and together this portfolio of brands serves 2.6 million customers across 12 international markets.

Through their home credit business, agents visit customers in their home to arrange affordable loans, to collect repayments and to plan for any future loans. Through the digital business, loans and revolving credit lines provide customers with manageable credit limits which are accessed online and repaid monthly over terms of up to three years.

The company prides itself on being an inclusive lender that is responsible, ethical and trusted, and making a difference in everyday life by offering simple and personalized financial solutions.

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To help with the increasing digitization of its business and marketing automation, International Personal Finance (IPF) looked to deploy an upgraded solution across four of its international markets. Find out how BlueVenn helped.

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