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BlueVenn Engage 2020.1: new release adds CDP-powered email marketing

A core focus for the 2020.1 release of BlueVenn Engage centers on the official release of a new, embedded email editor and email marketing engine. This new email marketing module enables BlueVenn users to design, personalize and execute email campaigns and triggered messages directly from BlueVenn, thus removing the need to work in multiple platforms.

For our multi-brand and multi-national clients, we’ve also enabled new channel security features in BlueVenn Engage that ensure marketing teams working with multiple brands can manage the various data caches and campaigns and keep them separate within one system.

Finally, we’ve made some enhancements to the real-time engine for triggered campaigns, along with a host of other performance updates.

Here’s what’s new and improved in the BlueVenn Engage 2020.1 release:

NEW integrated email editor

The email editor in BlueVenn Engage enables marketers to build mobile-responsive emails without the need to write any HTML or CSS. Users can drag and drop individual content elements and data entities into an email template, then rearrange and clone elements quickly and easily.


The editor comes with a catalog of email templates and the ability to preview your email creatives to see how they render on desktops, mobile phone and tablet screens. All data in BlueVenn Engage that relates to an individual can be used to personalize the copy in the email, or to customize the content and recommendations within the editor.

Whether you’re creating a new message for an automated campaign, a monthly newsletter, or a template for a transactional message, you can now do so quickly and easily in BlueVenn Engage, without needing to leave the platform.

NEW integrated email marketing engine

BlueVenn has partnered with one of the largest global senders of marketing emails and integrated with its email engine, to provide our customers with the same unrivaled sender reputation and delivery scores that its customers enjoy. Having crafted your personalized email template within BlueVenn Engage, using the new email editor, you can then execute your email campaigns directly from a campaign workflow.


ENHANCED real-time triggered campaigns

Real-time triggers are an essential requirement for omnichannel customer journeys, and in BlueVenn 2020.1 we have enhanced this capability so customers will be able to create and automate real-time triggered campaigns and messages utilizing the BlueVenn Engage REST API. These triggered messages can also be scheduled to capture every minute, or at a defined frequency based on volume of records.

A common use case could be to connect your website or eCommerce landing page to our technology. When a new customer authenticates on a landing page or purchase form, this will trigger a real-time email response to welcome them to your brand. BlueVenn Engage will also perform checks to see if the customer already exists, so that only new or otherwise specified customers will be added and sent the triggered response.

Picture 1 v2

ENHANCED channel security

International and/or multi-brand companies often have tricky use cases that require them to keep certain channels, data and controls separate from other teams. Some of BlueVenn’s customers manage 10+ brands, with each having its own Database Marketing Team using BlueVenn Engage to power marketing campaigns. It is important that Brand A’s team is prevented from using Brand B’s marketing channels.


The new channel security features enable this clear separation to be configured and managed for all your different channels.

Additional performance updates and improvements

As with any software update, the continuous maintenance and performance of BlueVenn Engage is integral to the stability of the platform. Every year, marketers are collecting more data and adding new branded channels.

The following improvements and enhancements have also been added to BlueVenn Engage 2020.1:

  • BlueVenn email marketing unsubscribe management – the ability to create and manage unsubscribe groups, enabling your customers to opt-in and opt-out of different types of email communications.

  • Notifications management – when using BlueVenn Engage for omnichannel marketing, the volume of channels can increase and the volume of notifications can increase correspondingly. Notifications can now be controlled and managed in Campaign Properties.

    Picture 4

  • Homepage dashboard filters – campaign volumes can impede the usefulness of the schedules dashboard on the home screen of BlueVenn Engage. We’ve therefore restricted the view to only include the first 20 campaigns, with the ability to scroll to others.

    Picture 5

If you have any questions about the latest 2020.1 BlueVenn Engage release, or would like to speak to a member of our team, then contact us here.

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