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Retailers transform the holiday shopping experience with BlueVenn's eCommerce integration

BlueVenn Magento WooCommerce Shopify connectorsAs they do every year, retailers are crossing their fingers for a successful holiday shopping season. However, achieving this should be less about hope. It should be more about the successful integration of their online and offline channels and delivering a seamless customer experience.

BlueVenn has revealed its continuing mission to help retailers succeed in a multichannel world. Here, we announce three new e-commerce connectors to our Customer Data Platform, for the Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce platforms.

With data merged and unified by BlueVenn’s Single Customer View (SCV) process, these eCommerce connectors enable retail marketers to understand the behavior of their customers better, find desirable new prospects and build effective new engagements.

Earlier this month, a survey from Accenture found that more US consumers were likely to do their holiday season shopping online than going to bricks and mortar stores. Similarly, one of BlueVenn's global online retail customers recently reported that as much as 75% of purchases are now made via a mobile device. 

Elsewhere, a report conducted by Salesforce found that 59% of young people would find it useful if retailers knew their online research so they could receive a better service in-store. More pressing still, it found 61% agree that retail experiences are disconnected from channel to channel.

Magento WebsiteAs one of the pioneers in multichannel campaign management, BlueVenn has seen the growing need to connect eCommerce with other digital and offline marketing channels to create a 360 degree customer view. These new connectors, for Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce, enable retailers to pull customer and transaction data from their eCommerce platform into the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform (CDP) for analysis, decisions and multi-channel customer journey orchestration.

Plus, with the BlueRelevance personalization plugin, it enables the realtime personalization of content, offers and product recommendations in these eCommerce platforms. By using data collected from all online and offline channels, this means accurate and engaging potential for personalization.

Boutique skincare brand Malin & Goetz, for example, is currently building a solution to link BlueVenn and Magento, to ensure the most personalized online experience, and use the online data to inform the offline experience too.

Retailers often have a picture of a customer skewed by the data within their eCommerce platform. For example, a customer who buys five items of clothing online but returns four. An eCommerce platform might say this customer has generated $125 in revenue. Yet, siloed data from Returns reveals that $100 of it has been refunded back to them.

The BlueVenn CDP ensures that the marketer has a fuller view of every customer by blending all data into a single source of truth. It helps to reveal the true expenditure of the customer ($25) by unifying this siloed offline data into the CDP. It then goes a step further by acting as a single decision layer for customer analysis and the execution of campaigns.

To find out more about BlueVenn, or to discuss the benefits of integrating BlueVenn with your eCommerce platform for a more successful holiday shopping season, get in touch with us!

Watch the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform demo

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  • Improve targeting of campaigns using customer segmentation and RFV analysis
  • Use real-time personalization to better engage customers
  • Integrate online and offline channels into the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform to create a true Single Customer View 


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