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BlueVenn collaborate with Throtle to add identity resolution services, to build richer customer profiles and more engaging marketing strategies across the customer journey

BlueVenn_Throtle.jpgBristol, UK, & Boston, MA. November 20, 2017: BlueVenn, leading Customer Data Platform (CDP) and multi-channel campaign management vendors, announced today a strategic partnership with Throtle, a data onboarding company and recognized thought leader in identity resolution.

This partnership enables BlueVenn users to merge the online and offline worlds, to learn more about their customer base and build powerful cross-device campaigns, delivering unique, personalized content across the internet.

Using Throtle’s data-centric identity resolution solutions, BlueVenn’s CDP end users now have access to a complete 360 view of each customer, with the ability to append records with over 1,500 attributes - including demographic and behavioral data - across connected devices. BlueVenn end users will also be able to create a direct match using Throtle’s Identity Graph, participating in true individual-based onboarding.

By connecting the dots between first party data and Throtle’s Consumer Identity Graph, brands can develop richer customer records, build meaningful relationships, and target customers with accurate, relevant, and consistent messages. These can be delivered using BlueVenn’s built-in multi-channel campaign management features.

Along with identity resolution, Throtle’s onboarding capabilities let BlueVenn integrate offline customer data with online identities for use with DMPs, broadening the reach of users’ digital advertising efforts. Brands can create more personalized experiences for their customers across the web, such as display, mobile, email, and social ads.

BlueVenn CEO, Steve Klin, said:

“Our partnership with Throtle enhances the BlueVenn CDP further to create even more detailed, intelligent customer profiles than ever before, which enables even deeper personalization of campaigns across online and offline channels. Adding Throtle’s offering to our own pedigree in creating the Single Customer View will help marketers to join up their understanding of customer behaviors between offline and online channels.”

Throtle CEO, Paul Chachko, said:

“We are thrilled to partner with BlueVenn, known worldwide for their impressive marketing solutions and large-scale, single customer view marketing databases. Combining Throtle’s identity resolution and data onboarding solutions with BlueVenn’s powerful CDP platform provides brands the exclusive ability to deliver the most accurate, personalized, and relevant customer experiences possible."

About Throtle
Throtle is a data onboarding company focused on deterministic matching and identity resolution. Our data centric onboarding approach guarantees the highest level of accuracy, scale, and responsiveness for our clients. For more information on Throtle, please visit

About BlueVenn

BlueVenn provides multi-channel campaign management software to over 400 clients across the world, enabling marketing teams to quickly and easily analyze their customers, executing campaigns and customer journeys across all available channels.

As a Customer Data Platform, the BlueVenn browser-based tool collects, structures and analyzes infinite data sources into a Single Customer View. This empowers everyday marketers to orchestrate real-time, personalized, multi-channel customer journeys and campaigns.

BlueVenn has headquarters in the US and the UK, serving clients across 15 countries.  For more information, visit

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