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BlueVenn announce partnership with InfiniteIQ Consulting


Raleigh, NC and Atlanta, GA, June, 2020 - InfiniteIQ Consulting, a nationally recognized technology and data management consulting firm, and BlueVenn, the leading Customer Data Platform (CDP) vendor, have announced a new strategic technology partnership focussed on helping healthcare, financial services, insurance and retail organizations make better sense of their customer data, and improve their omnichannel personalization and customer analytics capabilities.

The partnership sees InfiniteIQ Consulting enter the emerging CDP market with a unique offering that combines their considerable pedigree in enterprise-wide data management best practices with BlueVenn’s marketing technology.

In a global ‘Customer Data Excellence’ research paper undertaken by London Research, it found that CDP-equipped organizations were 2.5X more likely to have significantly outperformed against their organization’s main marketing goals. For organizations that have not yet begun a CDP project, InfiniteIQ Consulting and BlueVenn is therefore a full service to provide the strategy, data, technology and capabilities to make a CDP investment both successful and profitable. 

Matthew Watson, CEO for InfiniteIQ Consulting said:

“Having looked at many CDP technologies we chose BlueVenn because no other could provide the breadth of capabilities and functionality that our clients need. Marketers have unique requirements to trigger campaigns and messaging using real-time data access, and based on our past experience of building these solutions, we are fully aware of how those requirements usually play out between IT and Marketing. As well as its exceptional ability to unify and cleanse customer data from siloed systems and data stores, BlueVenn’s extended functionality for customer analytics, predictive modeling and omnichannel journey orchestration mean that we can now satisfy the requirements of both marketing, IT and the wider business.”

Steve Klin, CEO for BlueVenn said:

“InfiniteIQ deliver enormous value to its clients through their unique mix of client-side experience and advanced data management knowledge. Their proficiencies in modelling and customer intelligence is really quite impressive and our Customer Data Platform will co-exist nicely with those competencies. InfiniteIQ is way ahead of the curve in data management capabilities, and therefore this is an incredible partnership to blend our CDP technology with InfiniteIQ’s unrivalled expertise. Together this will guarantee to transform the capabilities of marketing departments at enterprise organizations across the US market.”

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