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BlueVenn and Inka Solutions help News Media brands develop intelligent engaging marketing campaigns

BlueVenn Inka6 JUNE 2017, BOSTON, MA -- Integrated Customer Data Platform and Marketing Automation vendor BlueVenn, and Martech Analytics and Campaign Management specialists Inka Solutions, have today announced a new partnership to provide a unique, full-service marketing technology and consultancy offering to the News Media.

Using BlueVenn’s leading analytics and customer journey software, combined with Inka Solutions’ experience and knowledge, the partnership enables marketing teams to transform the effectiveness of their online and offline campaigns.

More specifically, the BlueVenn software enables News Media marketing teams to gain a greater understanding of their subscribers using analytics and data visualizations. Through both Identity Resolution and creating a Single Customer View (SCV), it helps News Media – which traditionally only required a household view of their data – to see a single, unified record for each customer, delving deeper into the profiles of their audience. The SCV then integrates with all offline and online marketing channels to improve relevance, personalization and engagement, for a better relationship with subscribers and a more consistent offline and online experience to improve retention and subscription rates.

Inka Solutions, having provided specialist marketing and technology consultancy services for many News Media organizations, offer an end-to-end consultancy centered on the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform, to arm brands with tools and expertise for a dramatic uplift of capabilities. 

Evan Mecak, President of Inka Solutions, said: “I have nearly 20 years first-hand experience with BlueVenn’s Customer Data Platform technology. It’s the most widely adopted marketing analysis and segmentation tool for the newspaper industry. Our philosophy is to provide our clients with cost-effective solutions for fast, reliable data intelligence and the ability to make campaigns more effective. BlueVenn empowers customers, often with limited budgets, with data analysis and marketing capabilities normally reserved for much larger organizations. As a long time user of BlueVenn I’m very excited to have a partnership of Inka capabilities and BlueVenn technology for clients looking to improve the quality of their marketing.”

With over 100 newspapers  in the News Media Industry, Inka has developed a strong reputation for providing a transparent and collaborative approach to data marketing and technology, from improving acquisition and retention strategies, through to a full service running databases and managing campaigns.

Curt Bloom, President of BlueVenn, said:

“Our analytics and customer journey tools have been put to use by many prominent News Media brands. As a software business, we empower our clients with business-changing marketing tools, without the complexity or restrictive price tag required by many solutions in the market.

"Inka Solutions complements this ability to embrace and use data with a consultancy service to develop proven new acquisition, retention and new revenue source programs. I believe this partnership will help BlueVenn technology investments become even more prevalent and successful beyond our 40 existing newspaper clients. We are pleased to offer our existing and prospective clients the opportunity to leverage the technology skills of Inka.”

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The BlueVenn Customer Data Platform unifies all your marketing data to create unified customer profiles and achieve the elusive Single Customer View. In addition, with powerful integrated analytics, predictive modeling, reporting and omnichannel customer journey automation, it provides everything the modern-day marketer needs to transition to true one-to-one marketing. Understand your customers better, uncover patterns in behavior that drive sales growth and utilize real-time marketing capabilities to personalize web and email experiences based on all your known and anonymous data.

With 400 clients and 20 years of experience creating data-driven marketing technology solutions for some of the largest B2C organizations in the world, the BlueVenn platform is at the forefront of a marketing big data revolution, redefining how marketers work and interact with their customers.


Inka Solutions provides intelligent data practices utilizing affordable technology to drive profitable results for the newspaper industry in our core competencies of business intelligence, data science, retention and consumer direct marketing. Our executive team has 50+ years combined newspaper direct marketing experience and a successful track record in our 12th year of business working with over 100 newspapers nationwide including about half of the top 25 US Metros.


Anthony Botibol
BlueVenn Marketing Director
Tel: 617-207-8685

Evan Mecak
Tel: 415-609-7963

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