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What’s new in the BlueVenn 2018.3 release?

BlueVenn combines the ability to create a Single Customer View with award-winning omnichannel marketing automation capabilities. This week we’ve released a series of requested updates to the campaign planner and customer journey engine. These will further improve the testing, coordination and analysis of marketing campaigns.

Here is an overview of some of the BlueVenn 2018.3 updates:

New Customizable Campaign Volume Throttling

When sending out a campaign that has the potential to overload a system or department (for example you might want to ensure that your call centre is not swamped with 10,000 inbound calls at once off the back of a large email campaign), BlueVenn now provides the ability to throttle the volume of a campaign by dragging a ‘volume limit’ step into a campaign (as shown below):


Options for how to throttle the volumes of campaign members passing through the ‘volume limit’ step include:


Choose to take random samples of your whole campaign audience through a variety of options:


Choose specific volumes in ascending or descending order based on different variables in your data:




New Blackout Periods for Always-On Campaigns

In 2018.3 marketers can set up and establish ‘blackout periods’ in BlueVenn to predetermine specific dates, date ranges, days or even hours, when a campaign or journey should not run or execute. 


Perhaps there are public holidays, major events or particular times of the day or night when your campaigns are not appropriate to run.

This functionality offers three options which can be combined to offer greater flexibility in defining periods of time where schedules will not run.

  • Exclude these dates:
    Choose a date or a range of dates to exclude.
  • Exclude these days:
    Choose day(s) of the weeks that you wish to exclude.
  • Exclude these hours:
    Exclude a range of hours.


Improved Customer Journey Metrics and Customizable Default Campaign Metrics

Additional metrics have been added to the journey planner for this release, enabling you to quickly and easily look at the performance of every stage of a customer journey. This makes it incredibly easy to identify any steps in a campaign or journey that may need rethinking, optimizing or checking.

As well, your business may place higher importance on certain metrics than others, or want to measure campaigns differently. As a result, we’ve made it possible to customize the default metric for any particular campaign. 


Defaults can now be set as:

  • Total Audience:
    The number of records that have entered the campaign.
  • Total Communications:
    The number of records that have passed through communications steps.
  • Total Opens:
    The number of unique opens recorded against this campaign.
  • Percent Opens:
    (Total Opens / Total Communications)
  • Total Clicks:
    The number of unique clicks recorded against this campaign.
  • Percent Clicks:
    (Total Clicks / Total Communications)


New Custom Integrations to External Systems via Campaigns

At any stage in a campaign or customer journey you may need to feed data to an external system that is not yet fully integrated with BlueVenn. Through this new feature you can now drag an ‘integration’ step onto a campaign and configure it to send the resulting data to an external system via API or as an external text file.


Perhaps you want to send results from web visits to your CRM to alert a call centre operative, or want to send specific events to another cloud application.

Here are three examples of using this new ‘integration’ step:

  • Run a process to copy campaign data to a different location.
  • Run a process to reformat the campaign data into a specific format for your CRM or cloud system.
  • Run a process to call an API to output the data to a custom marketing channel.


New External Seeds Integration for Improved Campaign Testing

Seeds are a vital requirement for all multi-channel and omnichannel marketers. All too often it can be problematic to know how automated campaigns really perform, and using seeds enables you to plant people and records into campaigns, or specific campaign steps, to look at real outcomes, proof marketing messages and test performance and delivery of campaigns.

Maintaining seeds within your customer data platform is not always necessary, however, and now with the latest BlueVenn release your marketing campaigns can use seeds that exist in external data sources, and can be applied at any step of a campaign or journey.


External seed sets are loaded from external resources configured in the configuration tool.

BlueVenn will then allow you to preview the data that will be available to use as seed data.



New Campaign Management Schedule Export

It is now possible to export your entire calendar of multi-channel campaigns into spreadsheet format, providing additional flexibility for viewing the schedule of when campaigns are scheduled and overlap.



If you do not currently use BlueVenn but are interested in discovering how you can use it to unify all your customer data and orchestrate real-time omnichannel marketing campaigns, contact our team today to book a one-on-one demo.

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