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BlueVenn 2018.2 Latest Software Release

The BlueVenn 2018.2 software update incorporates a host of new personalization, segmentation and data management capabilities, alongside performance enhancements and administrative improvements. By popular demand we alshave new integrations for Textlocal and Amazon S3.

New Textlocal Integration

A new Textlocal integration allows users to author and execute SMS messages from within the BlueVenn Marketing Platform. You can personalize these SMS messages using fields from the database, insert hyperlinks and even attach files, videos or vouchers to tailor each individual message.

textlocal 2

The new Textlocal integration is a two-way integration which means it also brings response data back into BlueVenn for analysis and reporting. This enables customers using SMS as a channel to use Textlocal knowing it's fully integrated with BlueVenn.


New Amazon S3 Connector

Amazon S3 is cloud data storage and used by several BlueVenn clients to manage data in a secure and cost effective way.

2018.2 now enables you to send an audience, analysis, segment or list to Amazon S3 where it can then be accessed by third parties or other connected applications.

For example, the data could then be picked up in Amazon S3 by a mailing house, printer or agency for the purpose of printing and/or dispatching a piece of direct mail.








New Promotion Sets

A new feature in the BlueVenn Marketing Platform is the ability to create and assign promotions globally to different segments of customers. Ultimately this enables you to apply an omnichannel promotion to any collection of customers that will help to maintain consistency of offers, discounts and promotions, whatever channel you are using to market to them (ecommerce, email, direct mail, etc.)

Easily add promotion codes and other information into segment files. A promo set will allow you to set different output values for records that you are outputting to a segment file.






Once the promotion sets are created you will be able to add these into your customer journeys and campaigns when adding a communication step to the workflow.


Improved Deduplication Options in Campaign Builder

The latest version of BlueVenn comes with new and improved deduplication options. These can be inserted as a step within a campaign or customer journey to perform a deduplication on your choice of a specific field before passing a count of customers to the next step in the workflow.

For example, you may wish to ensure that only one person per household should receive a direct mail piece but have multiple residents at that address in your database. Using the deduplication step within your campaign workflow enables you to deduplicate based on an address field.


Improved External Data Import Function

BlueVenn 2018.2 delivers an improved UI for creating feeds to bring external data into your campaigns and workflows. With this new version, the interface requires no SQL or coding to configure the external data object.





Administrative Updates

User and Roles Report

An improved configuration and security report allows you to monitor the claims (“admin rights”) of certain users based on their assigned role in the BlueVenn Marketing Platform.

The report is created as a HTML file to view in your browser.

Improved Handling of Gone Aways

Over time, your campaign audiences can be affected by “gone aways”. These are effectively anyone that leaves your source system, or becomes unmarketable, and may therefore start to impact the results of campaigns if not excluded in the reporting, analysis and campaign workflows.

With 2018.2, if records are removed from your source system, these will be reflected in BlueVenn and shown on campaign nodes as “Gone”, as shown in the diagram:

Improved Analysis Results Caching

BlueVenn will now automatically create many analysis fields for elements such as predictive scores, nurture scores and required data from your external feeds.

The fields can then be used as pop-up values, field stats and used within the full analysis toolset in BlueVenn.

MS-SQL Partitioning Capability

With this latest update, the server config tool now allows you to easily configure a partitioning strategy for use on the campaign history tables within the BlueVenn Marketing Platform database. When correctly configured, this will reduce campaign run time and analysis queries.

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