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BlueVenn 2016 London User Group report


On Wednesday 6th July, BlueVenn hosted its 2016 User Group, within the luxurious surroundings of London’s Ritz hotel.

The event was an opportunity for BlueVenn clients and partners to get their first look at our latest software upgrades, as well as an occasion for users to help shape the development future of our products.

Following some well-received coffee and pastries and a greeting from BlueVenn CEO Steve Klin, the morning kicked off with a presentation from BlueVenn’s VP of Technology, Chris Hares. Chris introduced attendees to the updated features and functionalities of our customer journey platform, Indigo, including new RFM and customer profiling tools, real-time personalization for web and email, triggered campaigns and social media integrations.

Blue Group COO Mark Jameson was next to the stage, who talked in depth about our innovative Money Mapping customer insight technique. Using one of our clients as an example, Mark showcased new automated functionality within Indigo that revealed Pareto’s often quoted principle holds true – 80% of your revenue really can come from just 20% of your customers.

The next session was a blueANALYZER interactive workshop, hosted by BlueVenn Product Owner Ed Gunn. This included upgrades for the ANALYZER, ADS and EM suites, improvements to blueREPORTER, along with new ESP connectors.

With attendees satisfied by a buffet lunch laid on by The Ritz, Chris Hares returned to the front to set out our software release schedule roadmap. Highlights for ANALYZER include ADS self-management features, ODBC improvements, increased Indigo integration and extensions for auto archiving and virtual fields.

Our latest product, Indigo, also continues to evolve. Indigo 1.1 will soon include a query builder, auto profiling and segmentation, a blueRELEVANCE connector and a raft of new wizards and templates. The future will also include enhanced SaaS architecture, with the promise of omni-channel support and real-time triggers further down the line.

For users keen to learn more about blueRELEVANCE, Jemma Hardyman, Consultant from our Solutions team, was on hand to talk through its impressive real-time marketing, personalization and triggered campaign functionality. Jemma demonstrated several features, including how personalized homepages and emails, basket recovery and social media integration can create a more relevant and engaging customer experience.

With the dust still settling from the result of the UK’s EU referendum, the BlueVenn London User Group also helped attendees navigate through some of the uncertainties ahead. Namely, concerns surrounding the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and whether marketers still need to adhere to these guidelines in post-Brexit Britain. The simple answer, according to data protection specialists, Opt-4? Yes, but you can find out more from any of the day’s presentations by downloading the decks here.

After parting words from BlueVenn chairman Ian Lovatt, the evening provided the opportunity for relaxed networking with likeminded individuals, and the chance to receive further professional advice from the BlueVenn Professional Services and Development teams.

Thank you to all those who attended and we hope you found the event interesting and valuable. We look forward to seeing even more of our clients and partners next year.

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