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Avanci partners BlueVenn to launch its CDP in France, Switzerland, Belgium

BRISTOL, England and TOURS, France, (November, 2019) 

avanci-trusted-partnerBlueVenn, creator of a leading, award-winning Customer Data Platform (CDP), has signed an agreement with Avanci, France's most experienced multi-channel database marketing agency, to deliver its end-to-end CDP and multi-channel marketing hub to French speaking organizations in France, Switzerland and Belgium.

Under the terms of the partnership, Avanci will provide a full sales, implementation and support package to deliver BlueVenn's highly-regarded CDP technology in the agreed countries. The partnership is the first of its kind in France, with organizations set to benefit from Avanci's extensive expertise in database marketing, alongside BlueVenn's technology that provides B2C and B2B brands with a better understanding of their customers and the ability to deliver highly targeted, personalized and compliant marketing campaigns.

A Customer Data Excellence survey by London Research and BlueVenn in 2019 showed that CDP-equipped organizations were 2.5x more likely to have significantly outperformed their organization's main marketing goal in 2018 than those without. However, with CDP implementations in France scarce compared to those in the US and UK markets, and very few CDP vendors being committed to customizing their solutions for the French speaking market, the partnership offers an amazing chance for organizations that haven't already done so to leverage a CDP and deliver improved customer experiences, alongside better acquisition and retention results.

anthony-brunoAnthony Botibol, VP Marketing at BlueVenn and Bruno Carroi, Managing Director at Avanci

Bruno Carroi, MD at Avanci and one of the most respected database marketing professionals in France, is very excited about the new partnership:

[Translated from French] I've been watching the CDP market with great interest as it's matured over the past few years, and CDPs are set to be the next big technology craze in France in 2020. It has commonly been a long and complex process for marketers to get access to all the data they need, clean, de-duplicated and unified into a single datamart, but all that can now be done through a single platform and the benefits are too numerous to count. We've chosen BlueVenn as our partner due to our previous relationship. They build robust, business-changing platforms and have the most complete end-to-end CDP offering for mid-market and small enterprise organisations, from whom we see the most interest.

Avanci is part of MV Group, one of the largest marketing cooperations in France, and the partnership will extend across the MV Group of companies to support the needs of clients who require better access to data, a more integrated approach to database marketing, and who would benefit from improved customer insights and better multi-channel marketing capabilities.

Steve Klin, CEO at BlueVenn, was the first to extol the virtues of Avanci's rich heritage of data marketing:

BlueVenn has had a great, long term relationship with Avanci for over 10 years already, and now I'm excited to announce a new chapter together as we cooperatively launch the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform in France, Switzerland and Belgium. Avanci is a true leader in the world of database marketing and at the forefront of data analytics and multi-channel marketing. It is perfectly placed to help French speaking organisations to improve their multi-channel marketing and analytics capabilities with an end-to-end offering that combines optimized data management, world-class marketing technology, proven campaign processes and unrivaled data intelligence expertise. I'm delighted that BlueVenn can support Avanci and MV Group with their exciting growth strategy.

About BlueVenn

BlueVenn provides marketers with all the analytics, predictive insight and omnichannel marketing automation capabilities they need. Powered by its Customer Data Platform, it works to create a real-time Single Customer View of every customer touchpoint, to help businesses utilize advanced segmentation, analytics and personalization to improve the customer experience and achieve acquisition and retention KPIs. More than 400 brands around the world use BlueVenn's omnichannel marketing and Customer Data Platform solutions and BlueVenn has five offices, located across the US, UK and France.



About Avanci

Avanci, a subsidiary of MV Group, is a data and CRM consulting firm focused on ROI. With 20 years of experience in relationship marketing, Avanci supports its clients in the definition and implementation of loyalty strategies, deploying its expertise around CDP solutions, data intelligence, and CRM activation.

- 35 employees
- € 4.5 million annual revenue in 2018
- National coverage


About MV Group

MV Group offers a unique recipe in the digital world by providing a global solution. Its 7 subsidiaries, 31 areas of expertise and single interlocutor help French SMEs and mid-cap companies to develop and grow their businesses through clear and understandable dialogue.

  • 10 years of experience in the web professions
  • 240 employees, spread over 10 areas of digital expertise and 31 business lines
  • National coverage with local agencies in the Center, Est, Grand-Ouest, Nord, Paris, Rhône-Alpes, PACA and Sud-Ouest regions of France
  •  31M annual revenue in 2018

MV Group, with a capital of 1m €, is made up of 7 subsidiaries with complementary expertise:

  • Mediaveille, a digital agency specializing in acquisition and conversion
  • KPI Advance, an audit firm in digital strategy
  • GoodBuy Media, a media and digital consulting agency
  • Winbound, an inbound marketing and inbound sales agency
  • Avanci, a data agency specializing in customer loyalty strategy
  • SCOOR, an influence marketing agency
  • Stage301, a school in the company


Further Information

For media enquiries or further information about the partnership contact Anthony Botibol, VP Marketing at BlueVenn:

Phone: +44 (0)117 943 5800

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