Shaun Curnow

Shaun Curnow

Shaun is BlueVenn and Blue Sheep's Head of Content, responsible for many of the two company's blogs, press releases, White Papers, eBooks and other wordy stuff. He has been writing professionally for many different businesses and publications for over 16 years, but grammar still gives him a headache.

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Overcoming the challenges of database marketing

At BlueVenn, we’re quick to promote the benefits of database marketing. That’s not to say we’re oblivious to the challenges that come with it. Thankfully, when weighing up the pros and cons of database marketing, being aware of the pitfalls means you can avoid some of them.

Here are five challenges of database marketing…

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What marketers really want for Christmas

According to the Financial Times, 2017 has been the toughest year for advertising and marketing since the financial crisis. Marketing departments have expected to be more accountable for how they spend money than ever. Those poor marketers deserve some festive cheer – so what gifts would brighten up their Christmas?

While they’d certainly be happy with a bottle of spirits (a stiff drink would help them recover from presenting their 2018 budget to the board), we have a list of suggestions for things that marketers really want…

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Happy Birthday, John Venn! Five Fun Facts About Our Favorite Mathematician

BlueLull. BlueLiebniz. BlueEuler. If our name had been inspired by anyone else, BlueVenn just wouldn’t be the same. Sure, John Venn may not have been the first to use schematic diagrams to represent set collections and all their possible logical relations, but unlike those before him, he was the first to popularize them.

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