Matt Dimond

Matt Dimond

Matt is a Solutions Consultant at BlueVenn and a leading authority on Customer Data Platforms and multi-channel marketing tactics. Matt is a common speaker on BlueVenn webinars and contributor to the company blog. To get Matt's blogs and insights directly to your inbox make sure you subscribe to the BlueVenn blog.

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Using identity resolution to understand your customers and optimize omnichannel marketing

As we all know, the world changed with the outbreak of COVID-19 and that change has dramatically affected our customers’ buying behaviors. A recent survey found that 41% of respondents are now shopping online for things they would normally purchase in-store. While this change in behavior may be through necessity, it does however create many issues for marketers who are under increased pressure to keep up with these changing demands, and ensure they provide a personalized and meaningful customer experience, no matter the customer’s chosen engagement channel(s).

Topics: omnichannel Customer Data Platform identity resolution