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BlueVenn Newsroom

BlueVenn Newsroom

BlueVenn provide marketers with tools for powerful analytics, integrated campaign management, modelling, reporting and email communications through the BlueVenn Marketing Platform.

Combined with years of experience building Single Customer View databases for some of the largest B2C organizations in the world, the BlueVenn products and solutions are at the forefront of a marketing big data revolution, redefining how marketers work and interact with their customers.

Recent Posts by BlueVenn Newsroom:

How can travel and leisure companies boost their customer engagement post-pandemic?

The effects of Covid-19 on the travel and leisure industry have been substantial, to the say the least, since stay-at-home regulations go against everything it stands for. The World Tourism Oganization reported a 72% year-on-year fall in international travel from January to October 2020, with a loss of $935 billion tourism dollars.

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The importance of customer segmentation to improve business intelligence

As the well-known proverb states, “one shoe will not fit every foot”, and the same applies when it comes to customers. Brands cannot simply treat all their customers in the same way. Customers will want and need different things, and, therefore, will expect the brand to deliver an exceptional, personalized customer experience which reflects this. As a result, brands and their marketers will need to develop ways in which they can communicate with, and satisfy, these varying groups. This is where customer segmentation can help.

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The Ultimate Guide to Single Customer View

When approaching the subject of a Single Customer View (SCV), you’re going to encounter a very wide range of views.

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Infographic: Omnichannel Marketing Excellence

If you want to know how a CDP will impact your cross-channel marketing capabilities, take a look at our infographic. Using the findings of a 2020 global study by BlueVenn and London Research, which surveyed 235 organizations with annual revenues of at least $50m, it shows why CDP use has increased during the pandemic and how a Customer Data Platform enables marketers to offer a better customer experience, both online and offline. In particular, it demonstrates why CDP-equipped companies were 2X as likely to outperform against their marketing goals in the year leading up to the pandemic as non-CDP users.

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5 tips for improving your customer analytics strategy

Customer analytics allow marketers to dive deeper into their customers’ behavior across a multitude of data points to get a more accurate view of their customers. Through customer analytics, marketers can answer important questions such as ‘who are our best customers?’, ‘which channels work best?’, and ‘where can we intercept the customer journey to improve their experience and increase conversions?’.

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Effective database marketing strategies to implement in 2021

Database marketing is defined as the “practice of leveraging customer data to deliver more personalized, relevant, and effective marketing messages to customers”, and will help brands to improve their customer experiences. By using database marketing, marketers can use the information that they have collected on their customers, including their purchasing history, website and email behavior, and social network activity, to improve customer engagement, increase loyalty, and better their customer retention rates.

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5 solutions for customer data management

Customer data resides in many databases and systems, and can be used to formulate insights to help improve the customer experience. But, the precise benefits driven by that data will depend partly upon your unique business needs, and partly on the chosen solution used to manage it, so it’s advisable to think about the desired outcomes before settling on the most appropriate data management tool for you.

Customer data management is a three-pronged process for businesses, whereby customer information is first of all collected and stored in one place. This may be part of a data warehouse or data lake project managed by the IT department, part of a master data management solution, a tailored CRM project, or indeed marketers and businesses may choose to store their data in a Customer Data Platform (CDP).

Topics: data management

By Terry rejuvenates its customer experience by using BlueVenn to better understand its customers

BlueVenn has been selected by beauty brand By Terry to enhance and personalize its marketing and user experience. The luxury cosmetic brand will use BlueVenn’s CDP to collate and analyze online and offline customer data across the whole user journey. 

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5 ways to improve your campaign management

The best marketing campaigns are those which direct appropriate content, whether adverts, mobile push notifications, emails or direct mail, at customers and prospects who will find that content relevant and persuasive. Getting this targeting right demands a combination of sound intelligence, excellent audience insights, and tactical delivery, to ensure the right content will reach the right person at the right time. With effective campaign management, marketers can draw together the 5 elements required to drive compelling and highly engaging campaigns: quality data, audience segmentation, thoughtful scheduling, testing, and continual improve of a campaign over time through insights, attribution and measurement.

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Now out, the BlueVenn 2021.1 software update!

BlueVenn 2021.1 has landed, with highlights including a new campaign performance report, added security features and a host of new channels.

We’re excited to announce our first update of 2021, which will enable the BlueVenn technology to deliver more benefits than ever to our customers. We’re especially proud of the new capability to report on the metrics of grouped campaigns, the chance to make better use of live data sources to inform your campaigns, the enhanced capabilities of our Facebook and Google channels and a brand new Salesforce CRM integration.

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