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BlueVenn Newsroom

BlueVenn Newsroom

BlueVenn provide marketers with tools for powerful analytics, integrated campaign management, modelling, reporting and email communications through the BlueVenn Marketing Platform.

Combined with years of experience building Single Customer View databases for some of the largest B2C organizations in the world, the BlueVenn products and solutions are at the forefront of a marketing big data revolution, redefining how marketers work and interact with their customers.

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Now out, the BlueVenn 2021.1 software update!

BlueVenn 2021.1 has landed, with highlights including a new campaign performance report, added security features and a host of new channels.

We’re excited to announce our first update of 2021, which will enable the BlueVenn technology to deliver more benefits than ever to our customers. We’re especially proud of the new capability to report on the metrics of grouped campaigns, the chance to make better use of live data sources to inform your campaigns, the enhanced capabilities of our Facebook and Google channels and a brand new Salesforce CRM integration.

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Reach partners with BlueVenn in move to accelerate Customer Value Strategy

BlueVenn has been selected by Reach plc, the largest commercial national and regional news publisher in the UK. The publishing group will adopt BlueVenn's award-winning Customer Data Platform and CRM software to drive engagement and loyalty across its portfolio of titles.

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BlueVenn to join Upland Software

Today is the most exciting day in BlueVenn’s journey, as we’re thrilled to announce that BlueVenn has been acquired by Upland Software Inc., a Nasdaq listed leader in cloud-based digital transformation software. Over the last seven years, BlueVenn and Upland have integrated our technologies to provide incredible value to our mutual customers, and we look forward to entering the next phase of our exciting partnership together.

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How to optimize your customer retention strategy

Customer retention is essential for business growth, however implementing a solid and effective customer retention strategy can be easier said than done. Figures published by CallMiner show that $136.8 billion is lost by U.S. companies each year due to avoidable customer switching. Customers now have a myriad of channels available to them, and due to fierce paid and organic competition online, combined with unpredictable customer behaviors, finding the most successful ways to retain customers and stop them from jumping ship is a focus for most marketers.

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How re-mapping the customer journey in 2021 is imperative to stay ahead of your customers

Customer journey mapping is when you model the likely passage of a customer, from the moment they become aware of your product, to (if you’re lucky) the point they choose to buy, then beyond that to foster retention and loyalty. The idea is to look at the journey from the perspective of the customer, to see how simple it is to follow, where it veers off their intended course, and which touchpoints may be adding difficulty or inertia to their experience.

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How does a Customer Data Platform help to optimize cross channel marketing?

Today’s consumers undertake complex customer journeys. Over a number of months, an individual might click on a display ad, visit a brand’s website many times, add products to a cart and abandon them, open a few marketing emails and perhaps visit their local store. Without the ability to track the full journey, though, the only customer touchpoints the brand may be aware of are the ones that brought them into the journey and got them to buy.

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How resolving cross-channel identities can help marketers adapt to the rise of the hybrid consumer

Let’s face it, Covid-19 and its associated risks and regulations have impacted the behavior of every consumer, and the tactics of every retailer, around the world. Customers who have always shopped in brick-and-mortar stores have moved online for the first time, while those who have always bought certain items online are e-shopping more frequently, if not exclusively. But, when restrictions allow, many people are relishing the chance to hit the high street to experience some form of normality!

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What are customer segmentation models and why are they important?

Customer segmentation can be a simple or a complex process. It may be undertaken manually or using predictive algorithms, and can come in many shapes and forms. The assumption underlying all segmentation modeling, however, is that within your customer database you will have groups of customers that share similar attributes, behaviors and buying habits. If you can understand how individuals within a particular segment are interacting with your products and services, then you can start to fine-tune your marketing to ensure that you can deliver what they’re looking for, and therefore achieve better engagement.

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BlueVenn helps Small World Financial Services to build deeper customer relationships

BlueVenn, the international Customer Data Platform (CDP) provider, has announced that Small World Financial Services, which offers fast, secure worldwide payment services to individuals and businesses alike, has selected BlueVenn to help it further develop its unified customer experience across the brand.

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How to keep your socks (and your online & offline customer data) paired this Christmas

Keeping things tidy, unified and in one place… is this your customer data? Or your sock drawer?

During the holiday season, just as retailers expect to see a surge in shopping activity and customer data, many of us expect a wave of socks to engulf us as we open our stockings. Even the most organized people struggle to keep their sock collections in order at this time of year. On an average day, most people will have one in the sock drawer, one in the dryer, several pairs accidentally put into little Jimmy’s room, and more languishing on the radiator. With no system in place to ensure they’re correctly matched, assigned to the right person, and easy to find at a moment’s notice when needed, it’s anarchy. And with new Christmas socks set to be added any day now, the situation is only going to get worse!

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