ASOS choose BlueVenn as strategic CRM partner for growth plans


Leading internet fashion retailer will put customer data analysis at the heart of its customer retention, acquisition and re-engagement strategies.

BlueVenn, the international vendor of multi-channel marketing software has been selected by internet fashion retailer ASOS to provide customer relationship management tools to support the company’s strategic growth plans.

Launched in 2000, AIM-listed ASOS is the second most visited online fashion store in the UK (source: Hitwise). With 1.7 million registered users, the website attracts over 2.6 million shoppers a month and has won multiple industry awards. ASOS will use the BlueVenn software as a marketing platform to put the customer at the center of its business and attain its goal of becoming the top online retailer on Hitwise.

The partnership with BlueVenn is part of an integrated sales and marketing strategy, centered around customer communications that includes advertising campaigns, press events and customer magazines. ASOS’s goal is to manage their aggressive marketing plan to increase customer numbers and to encourage existing customers to spend more. ASOS believes the key to achieving this is through engaging marketing communications that are easy to manage.

As a pure-play internet fashion retailer, ASOS can use the information it holds on customer behavior and spend patterns to personalize its offering. The CRM and strategic marketing program will focus on the UK market in the first half of the year, followed by a global deployment. Planned campaigns include “refer-a- friend” viral activity, a reactivation strategy to re-engage former customers and loyalty programs to reward ASOS’ best customers.

The BlueVenn platform will help ASOS to maintain customer data and realize the value of customer information by profiling customers accurately. By building sophisticated segmentation models, ASOS will be able to apply precision marketing techniques and offer each group highly relevant and timely marketing messages, helping ASOS to reinforce and enhance the existing relationship it has with its customers.

Automated and scheduled campaign management delivering personalized messages will also improve customer interaction and campaign productivity. In turn, enhanced reporting will provide the essential feedback loop to both the marketing team and the business as a whole.

The implementation of the BlueVenn software/application will provide ASOS with a robust and easy to manage solution to facilitate our ambitious marketing strategy and plan and will continue to achieve our goal of a truly customer-centric business. By allowing us to understand our customer preferences, we can improve customer interaction and enhance the whole ASOS experience from beginning to end.
Mhairi Brown, CRM Manager, ASOS

BlueVenn said:

Data analysis is extremely important to online businesses and with the right tools, online pure-plays have a real opportunity to provide their customers with highly personalized communications. For taste-driven businesses, such as ASOS, it is even more important that the company can understand and anticipate customer preferences.

ASOS has recognized the importance of the customer segmentation and profiling strategy to its continued success and we look forward to the partnership delivering exciting results.

About ASOS

Launched in 2000, ASOS is firmly established as the UK’s leading online fashion store. ASOS offers an extensive range of own brand women’s and men’s fashion, designer labels, lifestyle accessories and cult beauty brands. ASOS is the second most visited on-line clothing store in the UK attracting over 2.5 million unique visitors per month, and has received numerous awards such as Drapers E-tailer of the Year 2006, Retail Week Online Retailer of the Year 2007, and Business XL Company of the Year 2007, to name a few.

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