Why Customer Insight Is Important and Why Your Business Should Be Utilizing It?

Customer insight is all about analyzing data to better understand your customers, helping you make better decisions about how, when and what to sell them.

These better decisions will result in campaigns or strategies becoming more effective and more efficient, resulting in increased profitability.

CMOs are under great pressure to prove a return on investment, resulting in them looking for ways to reduce potentially wasted budget and be more targeted with campaigns and advertising strategies.

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How Insurers Can Build Better Relationships with Their Customers

There can’t be many industries beyond insurance where customers purchase a product in the hope of never using it. Unlike other sectors, who have the opportunity to engage with their customers and build relationships with them through regular and continued service, only rarely will those who buy insurance products experience what they really have to offer. With so many customers putting very little value in insurance, it's little wonder that price – rather than brand, reputation or service – becomes the main motivator for purchase.

BlueVenn 2018.2 Latest Software Release

The BlueVenn 2018.2 software update incorporates a host of new personalization, segmentation and data management capabilities, alongside performance enhancements and administrative improvements. By popular demand we alshave new integrations for Textlocal and Amazon S3.

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What is marketing automation and why does it matter to you?

Once used by only the most prosperous businesses, marketing automation has the ability to mechanize marketing activities – such as SMS, emails, social media and other functions. The aim of marketing automation is to free up the time of marketers to focus on other, less laborious and time-consuming tasks.

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