What's in the BlueVenn 2018.1 update?

We’re pleased to announce that the latest BlueVenn software update, BlueVenn 2018.1, is available from March 30. In this installment, the R&D team has implemented a host of new features, including exciting new customer journey planning and cluster modeling.

Release date for BlueVenn 2018.1: March 30, 2018

Here are some of the highlights from this latest update:

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Why a Customer Data Platform is an attractive business asset

Communicating more effectively with customers is a key objective for every marketer. Using customer data for marketing has long been an integral part of this process, but often it is a complex task to efficiently analyze this data in order to spot customer trends and patterns. Particularly with much of this data held in disparate business databases and difficult for marketers to access.

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How a Customer Data Platform improves the customer experience

As technology, websites and the online experience advances, so too do customers’ expectations of a tailored experience. As a result, marketers are always looking for new and improved methods of creating personalized connections.

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BlueVenn Relevance conference explores the latest in personalization technologies

Bristol, UK and Boston, MA. March 12, 2018: Customer Data Platform provider BlueVenn invites marketers to attend BlueVenn Relevance this week. This free, online, one-day event aims to educate marketers about the exciting new technologies enabling brands to create timely, personalized offers and content for their customers.

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BlueVenn announces partnership with FullContact to uncover valuable customer intelligence and form deeper customer relationships

Bristol, UK, & Boston, MA. 07 March, 2018: BlueVenn, the original multi-channel Customer Data Platform (CDP) provider, today announces its data partnership with FullContact, a leader in identity resolution and customer intelligence.

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Forrester includes BlueVenn in new cross-channel campaign management and customer analytics reports 

Earlier this year, tech analysts Forrester released their new first quarter reports documenting the latest in ‘Now Tech’. In this case, from the fast-moving customer analytics and enterprise marketing technology landscapes. BlueVenn is proud to have made an appearance in both.