What is a Customer Data Platform and what are the benefits?

Today we exist in two worlds – the offline world and the online world. The two are fusing by the day.

Both worlds capture traces about our lives: how we spend our money, where we live and where we go. It records what we drive, where we work and our family status. Add to this our daily step count, the web pages we browse, our mobile behavior, our social media engagements and so on. The amount of data generated by an individual on a daily basis is almost unquantifiable.

The problem? All this data is in many different databases and it’s not always easy to get at. How can a Customer Data Platform help solve these problems?

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BlueVenn announces full-service marketing analytics and campaign management solutions

BRISTOL, UK & BOSTON, MA – FEBRUARY 19, 2018: BlueVenn, the leading multi-channel Customer Data Platform provider, today announces a range of full-service data marketing solutions and services to complement its customer analytics and campaign management technology.

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Customer Data Platforms put omnichannel within reach for retailers

Consumers today undertake increasingly complex shopping journeys. Reports I’ve seen suggest that anywhere from 50 to 80 percent of shoppers use multiple channels to make a purchase. Yet for brick-and-mortar retailers, the quest to become omnichannel — the process of creating and maintaining a contextual, seamless customer experience across all of a brand’s touchpoints — is as much of a challenge now as it was five years ago.

Could a Customer Data Platform be the answer?

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Approaching omnichannel strategies in 2018

Last year saw the world of retail suffer several high profile casualties. Joining Toys R Us was RadioShack, Payless ShoeSource, and a significant number of others who went into administration.

While a tough retail climate claimed many of these businesses, the consensus is that those aforementioned might have avoided bankruptcy had they been quicker to adopt an omnichannel strategy. That is, an integrated customer experience across all of their online and offline channels. How can brands implement their own omnichannel strategy?

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