What marketers really want for Christmas

According to the Financial Times, 2017 has been the toughest year for advertising and marketing since the financial crisis. Marketing departments have expected to be more accountable for how they spend money than ever. Those poor marketers deserve some festive cheer – so what gifts would brighten up their Christmas?

While they’d certainly be happy with a bottle of spirits (a stiff drink would help them recover from presenting their 2018 budget to the board), we have a list of suggestions for things that marketers really want…

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What's in the BlueVenn 2017.4 update?

This year has been extremely busy for the BlueVenn R&D team. Not least with the creation of an ever-growing list of third-party connectors, to ensure the BlueVenn software integrates easily with your existing marketing stack. The team has also maintained quarterly software updates, and December marks the release of BlueVenn 2017.4, the fourth and final update for this year.

Key for this update has been extending the features for existing and new clients, as well as responding to user feedback to resolve issues and add new capabilities.

Release date for BlueVenn 2017.4: December 22, 2017. 

Here's are some of the highlights from this latest update.

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Managing an unpredictable customer journey

Despite what some may think, there is no such thing as a definitive customer journey. It’s not that the customer journey itself is irrelevant  only that the way in which marketers previously understood it (as linear and consistent) is far from the truth.

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Monitoring customer journeys with clickstream data

You can analyze almost every stage of your own digital marketing campaigns in intricate detail, from awareness through to conversion. No doubt, it will provide you with plenty of revealing information about your customers and their behavior.

Even so, consumers exist, behave and engage with many touchpoints outside of your sphere of vision and control. If you're being completely honest, this means your customer knowledge is still myopic.

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