How can B2B marketers be more customer centric?

The notion that effective marketing requires deep customer knowledge seems obvious. After all, how can a business cater to their requirements unless it understands its customers?

Yet many B2B marketers appear to be failing to connect with them. A recent survey reported that 71% of B2B customers are either indifferent to their vendors, or actively disengaged.

Why is this the case? It might come down to the perception that B2B marketing is impersonal; a feeling there isn’t a need to connect on an individual level in the same way as a B2C marketer does. Customers today have high expectations from their experience of the B2C world. It is only natural that they want to apply those same expectations to the B2B world.

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BlueVenn celebrate the success of its inaugural JOIN Digital data marketing conference

JOIN Digital, BlueVenn’s inaugural online data marketing event, ended yesterday after two days and 15 informative sessions from 16 industry experts. The marathon event ran across Wednesday November 15 and Thursday 16, with each day screening back-to-back live sessions to hundreds of marketing and data professionals from across the globe.

If you missed it, you can catch the whole of JOIN Digital 2017 on-demand here.

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BlueVenn collaborate with Throtle to add identity resolution services, to build richer customer profiles and more engaging marketing strategies across the customer journey

Bristol, UK, & Boston, MA. November 20, 2017: BlueVenn, leading Customer Data Platform (CDP) and multi-channel campaign management vendors, announced today a strategic partnership with Throtle, a data onboarding company and recognized thought leader in identity resolution.

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9 tips to reduce cart abandoment on mobile

As we approach the busiest time of year for shopping, retailer's thoughts inevitably turn to opitmizing the shopping experience. More specifically, ensuring conversions from smartphones and mobile devices are as stress-free as possible.

The incentives couldn't be greater. Studies from eMarketer show that mobile-based purchases in the US have increased by over 50% in the last year alone, with retail m-commerce sales expected to generate in excess of $102 billion. Similar increases have been recorded in other parts of the world, with nearly a third of all online orders from the UK, France and Germany in the 2016 Christmas period coming from a mobile phone.

Safe to say, the smartphone has taken center stage in retail e-commerce.